Thursday, August 1, 2013

HerMamas Go Camping

We did it. Not only did we survive, but we had a great time! Yes we are talking about a family camping trip. Elissa and Irene packed up the kids (and husbands!) and headed north to Bass Lake, California for a few days of tent camping, lake swimming and s'mores! The kids ran, played and swam all day and everyone had such a great time relaxing on the shore. 

It had been a long time since either Elissa or Irene had been camping so it was educational for them as well as fun. Here are a few tips from Elissa and Irene about tent camping with your family....


  • Pack individual bathroom bags for every member of your family. Include things like toothbrush, toothpaste, fash wash, washcloth, soap etc. If you pack one toiletry bag then if one person takes it to the bathroom the rest of the family has to wait. With individual bags you just grab and go. 
  • We packed sandwiches for lunch at the lake everyday. Since we were making for a big group we usually made 2 loaves worth of sandwiches. To cut down on trash instead of packing each sandwich in a zip-loc bag we just put them all back in the bread bag, put back on the twist tie and into the cooler it went! 
  • This one came from my 8 year old daughter, don't pack white socks! 


  • Keep it light by keeping it real. I completely over-packed. I knew the weather forecast reflected warm weather (even over night) and I still packed too many coats, sweat pants and blankets. Save yourself the angst and resist the urge to overpack. 
  • Pack plenty of easy dry snacks that won't fly off the shelfs. You'll run through stuff like chips very quickly, so we also brought dry goods like grapes and beef jerky. Those held up well and weren't as bad as eating about 3 lbs of chips daily.
  • Bring on the entertainment: Sure our kids ran wild and mostly played with sticks but we also enjoyed a round of Uno and Cornhole. Card games are easy to pack and lots of fun. We also brought our iPad with pre-downloaded games (checkers) and movies. My kids watched the same Chipmunks movie as they fell asleep every night.

Do you have any tips for camping? 
Share them with us! Leave a comment!


  1. Glow sticks are fun for everyone and make night time super fun!! If you play music at night you have have a fun glow stick "rave".

    Switch up your smores by changing up the chocolate you use. Swap the Hershey's for a peanut butter cup (to die for!).

    Save used paper plates for kindling for the fire that night. Also save your gray water to put the fire out before bed.

    Dominoes are a GREAT camping game. Mexican train is my go to camping game.

    Bring plenty of books and magazines to read.

    Bring the kids their own tent to play in during the day and keep their toys in - it will keep them out of the family sleeping tent (and dirtying it up).

    1. Great Tips Auntie Dana! We are inviting you next year!

  2. I love the picture of your family and what a background! Great tips too!

    I would say sunblock is a must, even with darker skin. I burn but even worse than that is the aging effects of the sun.

    Extra batteries for anything that uses them.

    Hobo pies. Yum. So easy and you can put anything from pizza fillings to pie filling in them.


    1. Thanks for the ideas Allie. Hobo Pies sound like a good end of the week meal. Get rid of anything left over!


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