Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Back-to-School Shopping!

Oh-Emm-Gee! Shopping for back-to-school is in full swing! I'm a sucker for deals so I penny pinch even when it's time to for the usual shopping sprees like holidays and back-to-school. One of my favorite go to shops is Old Navy. I find they have great clearance sales! I'm also a big fan of outlets. I visited the premium outlets in Cabazon and got my son a wonderful pair of Nike tennis shoes for only $20.00! That's a steal for a great pair of sneakers! 

How we've made out so far:

  • Backpack: $7.95 at Burlington Coat Factory
  • Sneaks: $20.00 at Nike Outlet (there are premium outlets throughout the U.S... google one near you!)
  • Skater Lunch Bag: $8.00 at Old Navy
  • New Clothes: $50 (Old Navy & Marshall's)
  • Back-to-school supplies: $20 (Walmart)

Beyond that, I'm not ashamed to plug consignment stores. There's two that I love in the South Bay: Kid's Double Time and Children's Orchard. If you're not from the So. Cal area just search kid's consignment on Yelp to catch local reviews and find a shop near you! I love YELP to find highly rated retailers (especially for kids clothes and supplies)! 

Finally, don't forget to navigate the net for online deals. I find has the best prices and online inventory for school supplies.  All in all, back-to-school shopping should be fun and easy! So if you're still scrambling for back-to-school finds check out some of the above options. 

Better yet, for those who have mastered this time of year's shopping needs... share your tips below. Tell us where you find the best back-to-school deals (and be entered to win a $25 Target gift card).


  1. Walmart has the lowest prices on school supplies, but I prefer Target for clothing.

    mami2jcn at gmail dot com

  2. Speaking of back to school... I'd like to get some HerMamas advise.
    My daughter starts Kindergarten 3 weeks from today (Eeeek!!) and the district requires uniforms. My question is: How many uniforms do I buy? I'm inclined to buy at least 5 but my hubby doesn't think she needs that many. What are your thoughts/suggestions on this?

    Monica Escobedo

    1. Great questions. My daughter did uniforms for 4 years. I am not sure what kind of uniforms you have but for us we had full skirt jumpers, polo shirts and a white dress shirt. I found that 3 jumpers (skirts) 5 polos and 1 dress shirt were enough! Happy uniform shopping!


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