Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Weird Baby Keepsakes

I recently was going through a keepsake box for my oldest daughter and I could not believe some of the things I kept. There was the usual things like her hospital bands, and the tiny beanie they put on her head after she was born. I also found some more disturbing things in there. I found, not 1, but 2 positive pregnancy tests. I pulled out a ziploc bag to discover it was full of baby teeth. Then I found what looked like a rock hard large raisin. I held this in my hand and it took me awhile to figure out what it was and why I had saved it. Then it hit me..... it was her umbilical cord stump.


I had to see if I was the only one out there with an umbilical cord stump in a box. Turns out I am not. Things like teeth and hair are common things that moms admit to saving. Some not so common things include, stained bibs, nail clippings and soiled diapers. There is even a place that can turn your breast milk into a necklace charm. 

Why in the world do we do this??? As first time parents we want to remember every moment of our children's lives. We want to celebrate every milestone and want a memento for all those occasions. No matter how gross those mementos may be. I believe that they are a testament to how much parents love their children and how important they are. 

So fess up, because we know you have some strange mementos. 
What did you save from your baby? 
Or what weird keepsake did your parents keep from your childhood? 
Leave us a comment. 


  1. OK, I put my first gray hair in my sons Baby Book as I found it shortly after he was born.

    1. Joan- hahaha. I am pretty sure my first gray came right after my first was born too!


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