Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Tips for Remembering Names

I am so bad at remembering names. I always have been. When it comes to business, and socializing, remembering someone's name is really important.

I have had he same UPS guy for almost 10 years. I could not remember his name for the life of me! Recently he asked to see a copy of our local newspaper and showed me a picture of the softball team he was coaching. Under the picture was his name! Mystery solved! (it was Ernie by the way!)

Here are some tips that can help you remember a name...

  • When meeting someone for the first time repeat their name in conversation as often as you can. When answering a question from them start your answer with their name, when you excuse yourself use their name in the sentence. For example "Bob, will you please excuse me". 
  • Write it down. When getting contact information from someone write it down instead getting a business card. This one helps me a lot. Once I translate a name to paper I can remember it much easier. 
  • If the name is more unusual or difficult for you to pronounce ask them to spell it. Sometimes visualizing the letters will help it stick. 
  • Create an image to associate with the name. It can just be something that sounds similar. For example I can picture ice cream to remember the name Irene. 
  • If you are talking with someone and you just can't remember their name and are embarrassed to ask try this trick. Ask them "What's your name again?" They will answer with their first name. Then laugh and say "I knew that, I meant your last name!" This way you get their first name and save some face! 
Are you good with names? 
Do you have any tips on how to remember names? 

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  1. I have to write things down. The first tip annoys the crap outa me when someone uses my name all the time. HOwever, now I understand why they might be doing it.


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