Wednesday, July 10, 2013

The Funny Fat Friend... Works out at HOME!

The first post I ever wrote for was originally entitled "The Funny Fat Friend." Regretfully, I chickened out and went with something more crowd-pleasing. Honestly, I was afraid of the word fat! I thought it might be offensive and yet fat is simply a descriptor. Today I see the word as the opposite of healthy and the opposite of fit. It isn't meant to offend. And to be clear, I'm not talking about the shallow sense of the word like when a very thin reality star declares, "I have fat thighs!".

The funny fat friend I was referring to in that post almost a year ago was me, but fat no longer begins to describe me. I decided to change that discriptor by becoming healthier and regaining self-control. I wanted to live a fuller and longer life. Basically, I would need to let go of the FAT PANTS (while hopefully remaining friendly and funny). 

Any doctor for the better part of my twenties could attest to that. I often left medical check-ups mortified since I was asked to stay away from bread or briefed on the obesity ratings of the BMI index. Screw those high BMI numbers, I thought. I was also left craving the very thing they asked me to quit. Needless to say, I stuffed my face with muffins and scones after most medical check-ups. 

Increasingly fed up with the ups and downs on the dreaded scale I hated owning, I decided to lose the weight, put down the scones and aimed for the healthiest range of numbers on the BMI index. I lost weight for my health (and for vanity, because let's be honest, a little black dress is still a little black dress). More significantly, I did it to show my children a different lifestyle, to feel good about myself and to feel desired as a wife (though the gentleman I married would surely love me at any size).

Yet the person in me that never ate healthily or led an active life doesn't just go away, so in a way I'll always by the funny fat friend and I am OKAY with that. I work against old habits. I ignore the side of me that for years had very little self-control and wanted to eat whatever, whenever and never workout.

I began small, took plenty of time and before I knew it I was changing...

One tool I used (and still use) during this journey was a medley of at-home workouts. These are a wonderful tool for busy folks like me who have multiple children, a full time job and countless daily responsibilities. About three years ago someone gave us a complete set of p90x DVDs. These workouts get the job done. There's a little bit of everything: ab workouts, yoga, cardio, etc.. Maybe it's too tough to complete the recommended regimen of 6 weekly workouts, but much can be accomplished with only two 45 mins. workouts, every week, so start where you feel comfortable.

Another great tool these days is a few clicks away on most smartphones. Fun apps provide hours of home workouts that are free and easy. My personal favorite is the NIKE Training app! This app has it all... different workout intensities, instructive videos, even music. This is a great app for anyone who simply wants to workout in the privacy of their own bedroom. No TV necessary.

Finally, check out PINTEREST! Might sound crazy, but search anything fitness related on pinterest and you come across simple straight forward regimes that can be completed at home. These routines couldn't be any simpler. So you don't need a TV or a smartphone. Get yourself to a computer and print out a few simple workouts for the week.

It's that simple. So, NO EXCUSES! Yes, NO EXCUSES!

I say that first to the funny fat friend living inside me, living beside me, that's no longer defining me. Home workouts (& group workouts with friends/gym visits) combined with eating better allowed me to lose the weight and keep it off. I was tired of hiding behind a descriptor that WASN'T me and reclaimed the descriptors that are... healthy, active, and best of all, IN-CONTROL!

What are your favorite home workouts?
What's your take on the word FAT?
Share your opinions with US! 

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