Monday, July 1, 2013

Summer Outings Series: Adventure City (Amusement Park)

If you're in the mood for an amusement park without all the fuss try 
Adventure City in Buena Park, CA
Adventure city is a small amusement park close to many of the other Orange County gems. It's full of fun basics. It's especially nice for children 10 and under. And the best part is the cost at only around $14 dollars per person to visit. There's rides for toddlers and grade-schoolers including a Thomas the Train area and a wild Drop Zone (45 foot drop). My 5 year old rode Drop Zone about 5 times! The excitement on his face while falling 45 feet made visiting Adventure City a complete blast and that was only one of about 15 rides. 


There's a great picnic area, arcade, food court and venue for private parties. Plenty of parking available and the lines were fairly short for a weekend. All in all, this tiny amusement park is a great spot to visit for a few hours on a hot summer date. Kids 10 & under will surly love how fun and easy Adventure City is to navigate while parents get to enjoy a budget-friendly amusment park in So. Cal.

What's your favorite summer outing spot? Comment and share your fav. with HerMamas!

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