Thursday, July 11, 2013

How Kind is the Voice In Your Head?

Have you seen this comedic skit where women begin complimenting one another and simultaneously tear themselves down instead of embracing the compliments? Warning: explicit video content follows:


Now this video is an exaggerated extreme, but I 100% get it. This attitude among women is all too common. It is the opposite of what renowned author Marianne Williamson urges us to do in her eloquent and powerful book a A Return to Love:

The women in this video are tearing themselves down instead of building themselves up. They somehow can't let their own light shine. How we become so unworthy, I don't know, but I suspect parents play a part. 

When we're children our confidence is typically through the roof. We feel invincible and powerful, then somewhere along the way this changes. Sadly, the voice of a wondrous and happy child shifts. Somewhere we stop believing in magic and ourselves. The inner voice of kindness and approval turns sour and we begins beating ourselves up. If not corrected this voice leads well into one's adult years and wreaks havoc in our lives.

Professionally, I've worked with teens and watched as they've called themselves "stupid" or "lazy". I've then watched those same students sit in a meeting with parents who describe them in the exact same way. This is such a heartbreaking reality.

The cycle of self-hate goes on generation after generation unless parents understand that the way they see their children is the way their children will always see themselves. The way they judge them or the way they dim their child's special light is detrimental for years to come.

So whether you parent or not, think about the voice in your head and consider how kind it is to you? Then remember to share that same kindness with the young people in your world! Remember the way YOU talk to children is the same way they will come to talk to THEMSELVES!

The power of positive self-talk can make or break a person. Share your opinion on this topic, too. 
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