Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Dating Deal Breakers

When it comes to dating it is important to keep an open mind. But there are some things that you just refuse to put up with. We call these things.... deal breakers a.k.a reasons to end a relationship.

Sometimes a deal breaker can be a really big and obvious things like they don't have a criminal record. Or they can be something small like, they wears baseball caps sideways, or knows all the words to Justin Bieber's music.

I asked some friends to share some of their deal breakers.
Here is what they said...
  • If they are a smoker
  • Bad breath
  • Being too cocky
  • Complaining too much
  • Talks too much about money
  • Bad grammar
  • When a man doesn't open a door for you
  • No sense of humor
  • Being late
  • Lying
  • Being inconsiderate and unappreciative
  • If they are on their phone through the whole date
  • Ordering shots on a date
  • Picking their nose at the table
  • Checking out another person while with you
  • Doesn't get along with their family
Dumping someone because of a deal breakers lets you walk away without feeling guilty. This list of things you just won't deal with makes it simple to know if someone is compatible with you.

We would love to hear from you!
What are some of your dating deal breakers?
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