Friday, July 12, 2013

2013 Baby Name Trends

Every year we see the trend of baby names change. Celebrities and pop culture help to change these lists every year. Once a celebrity names their baby something you can see the name shoot up on the baby name list. Sometimes a super popular book series will do the same thing. Believe me, in about 2 years there is going to be Kindergarten classes filled with Edwards and Bellas. 

Nameberry is a great baby name resource and they recently published the top names for 2013. Here is their top 20 boys name, along with my own thoughts. 

1.  Asher - this name always makes me think of that "I love college" rapper kid. 
2.  Finn - we can thank Tori Spelling for this popular name. She named her latest addition this!
3.  Declan - did you know that this is Elvis Costello's real name? 
4.  Django - the D is silent
5.  James - nice to see a classic on the list
6.  Oliver - Charles Dickens lives on
7.  Henry - Heidi Klum has a son with this moniker
8.  Atticus - as a book nerd I love this name and the "To Kill a Mockingbird" reference
9.  Owen - Ricki Lake had her baby at home and then named him Owen
10. Milo - But before Owen Ricki Lake had baby at home and named him Milo 
11. Emmett - The hunky muscley vampire from Twilight
12. Jasper - The nerd skinny vampire from Twilight
13. Jude - nice Beatles reference
14. Ezra - I loved the 90's band "Better Than Ezra" 
15. Liam - Another one of Tori Spelling's kids name!
16. Flynn - Made popular by the male lead in the Disney film 'Tangled" 
17. Felix - hey that's my Dad's name!
18. Levi - Matt McConaughey made this popular. He gave his genetically gifted son this name!  
19. Miles - Anyone else remember when Miles was born on Sesame Street? 
20. Sebastian - yes like the crab from The Little Mermaid

You can see the complete list of 100 boy names here.

Of course their top 20 girls names.....

1. Imogen - I know this is a famous singer but I don't know how to say this one. 
2. Charlotte - Sex in the City name still holding strong on the list
3. Harper - We can thank the Beckhams for this. Their only girl has this name.
4. Eleanor - Cute, but always makes me think of the chubby Chipette. 
5. Violet - Jennifer & Ben Affleck's oldest daughter makes the list.
6. Amelia - Bedelia. Always my first thought.
7. Seraphina - Jennifer and Ben's youngest daughter makes the list too!
8. Isla - Anyone else think of the Madonna song "La Isla Bonita"? 
9. Penelope - A Kardashian influence. I bet North makes next year's list.
10. Katniss - I wonder if Suzanne Collins thought this would ever happen!
11. Evelyn - this name was popular in 1910's and is making a comeback
12. Ava - Reese Witherspoon's clone of a daughter is named Ava
13. Maeve - an alternate to Mavis or Mabel
14. Cora - Downton Abbey has made this name super duper popular
15. Olivia - this name is dropping in popularity. Last year it was #4!
16. Merida - The first Disney princess who didn't need a man makes the list. 
17. Alice - makes me think of Wonderland and the maid from the Brady Bunch
18. Adelaide - this name is still on my baby name list. 
19. Sophia - In 2005 we named our daughter this and the name jumped to #1. Just sayin' 
20. Elizabeth - A nice classic name to end the top 20

You can see the complete list of 100 girls names here.

What do you think of these baby name trends? 
Is your childs name on the list?
What are some of your favorite baby names? 
Leave us a comment, we would love to hear from you! 


  1. Felix made the list!?!

  2. Sebastian - Felix's twin! John picked a good name :-)


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