Monday, June 17, 2013

Summer Outings Series: Pretend City in Irvine, CA.

Summertime can be filled with the dreaded "I'm bored!". Every Monday this summer, will review local outings kids (and parents) must see and enjoy! These family-friendly places are a great way to fight summer boredom. We'll feature mostly sites throughout California, but encourage readers from all over the U.S. to submit guest posts highlighting some of their favorite kid spots such as museums, water parks, amusements parks and more!

First up... Pretend City
Because what kid doesn't want to run wild in a world of make-believe?

Pretend City is just the place for small children to enter a town of fantasy. A trip to Pretend City doesn't have to be too long and kids have a blast at every turn. So plan an afternoon at Pretend City and enjoy. Admission costs $12.50 per adult or child with 1/2 off after 4pm (0-12 mos. free). Due note, Pretend City closes at 5pm daily and is best suited for kids 1-8 years old. 

Post Office Worker
Pretend City is a mini-version of any full-fledged city. There's a city hall, post office, grocery store, bank, farm, fire station, library and so much more. The best part is that children are encouraged to work to earn money throughout Pretend City. After working in different stations like the post office children earn money (actual pretend money they get from an ATM) which they can turn around and spend in the town's shops. The little grocery store was quite adorable with cash registers, bustling lines, and so much to choose from. 

There's something for every age at Pretend City. My infant loved playing in a mini foam pit while my oldest played dress up and rode around in fire trucks and police cars. My kids also really loved fishing in the town's marina, visiting the doctor's office and creating their own works of art. 

Fireman to the Rescue

Fishing in the Marina 
The art section included various art projects for kids to try such as clay molding, painting and sketching. Children were allowed to sit and create as long as they were into it and could then take their creations home. My favorite place in "town" was the library which was full of books and comfy corners to relax and READ! 

All in all, Pretend City is an awesome place to spend the afternoon playing dress-up and make believe with your children. So head out to Irvine and gear up for fun, games and a whole lot of pretending. Enjoy!

Where will you take your children this summer?

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