Monday, June 3, 2013

Stories from the Month of May Fitness Challenge

The challenge was simple. Eat better, workout more and do it as a team. More than 30 challengers joined the fitness challenge set up by during the month of May. Whether we were sharing exercise tips, giving each other endless words of encouragement or just eating better, all of us had one common goal to improve our health and fitness. Combined there was a total weight loss of over 40 lbs during the month of May. Way to go challengers!  

The challenge included men and women who were juggling careers, children and more. We had one challenger working out around her busy schedule parenting TRIPLETS, plus 1. If a mother of 4, under 5 years old can do it, anyone can! A few first-time moms hoping to lose the "baby weight" also joined the challenge and generously shared their workout routines with everyone. I for one really enjoyed learning about cross-fit work outs.  

Of all the stories we heard, we are excited to share the following journey with all of you... 

Meet Brenda M. 

Brenda joined the challenge and brought a couple of girlfriends with her. She worked out, ate better, felt inspired, and even at times felt defeated. In 4 short weeks, she went through a lot of the usual ups and downs of changing your health and wellness lifestyle, but the best news we heard is that in 4 short weeks Brenda lost 10 total lbs. and was "sad to see the month/challenge come to an end!"

Her before and after pics:

Brenda like a lot of other challengers looks great and will continue her own personal challenge to reach the end goal of living a healthier lifestyle. Brenda's courage to join the challenge, stick to it and want to continue for as long as it takes to succeed makes her one of the many WINNERS of the month of May fitness challenge. 

To anyone else hoping to kick-start their own transformation, START TODAY! Don't give in to excuses and remember, "nothing TASTES as good as FIT feels." Best of luck challengers. Keep up the great work all summer long!

What keeps you motivated to meet your fitness goals? 

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