Thursday, June 27, 2013

Potty Training Woes

We potty trained our first daughter right when she turned 2 years old. It took about 2 days. My second daughter just turned 3 years old is in the middle of potty training right now and she is about 3 months in.

 3 months!!!

Potty training this time around has been a nightmare. We have tried it all...

  • buying her new princess chonies
  • setting a timer to take her to the potty every 15 minutes
  • Pull-ups with Dora, Princesses and Monsters University on them
  • lots of celebrating with noisemakers and party hats
  • stickers for each successful potty break
  • pennies for successful potty break
  • reading books about potty time
  • singing songs about going potty
  • telling her that her new baby cousin needs her diapers

This kid just has no interest in potty training. . 

This is my oldest daughter reading a book about potty breaks to my youngest.
My youngest is fake sleeping complete with loud snoring.
This is what we are dealing with! 

She won't tell us if and when she needs to go, if we happen to catch her and put her on the potty while she is still dry she will go. But if we don't catch it in time she will simply go in her pull-up or chonies. I was this close to just throwing in the towel when we had a breakthrough. While out at a Farmer's Market my little one told me she had to go! I checked her and she was dry. We were so excited until we realized that.....

We were in a parking structure with no nearby bathrooms. I don't even want to admit what we did, but it was a big breakthrough and we couldn't ignore it. 

Potty training is a rough road for both the trainer and the trainee. Some kids take to it at 2 years old in a few days, while others potty train at 4 after months and months. I just have to remind myself that we need to be consistent and it will click one day. I mean she won't be wearing pull-ups in high school. Right?? 

What are some of your potty training tips? 
Leave us a comment! 


  1. 3 months? we've been working on 18 months so far! we are so close now, most days he is dry.
    We tried the potty train dvd with whistle... a potty watch. chocolates (just one chip) for trying to go. And still we have trouble sometimes. Diaper bag is with us for a while longer anyhow so I guess its no big deal. He will get there.

  2. I did cloth training pants. Worked wonders. But she goes by herself only for the babysitter and her father. I have to ask her if she has to go :( Its the gerber training pants. They are normal underwear with extra padding on the crotch so the urine doesn't end up on the floor and she will still feel the wetness.

    1. I have seem those at Target! I wondered if they worked. I think we may have to give those cloth training pants a try! Thanks for the tip!

  3. Oh and my child is 3 and we started at the beginning of two!


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