Friday, June 21, 2013

Organizing Your Digital Photos

Thanks to smart phones and digital cameras we take a lot of photographs. Gone are the days were film was expensive and you had to really want that picture to push the shutter button. Thanks to 16 gb memory cards a camera can hold thousands and thousands of photos.

I would say that on the average I take a minimum of 20 photos a day on a average normal weekday. On a weekend or event that number goes into the hundreds. It has taken awhile but I have finally found a way that has helped me keep my photos organized.

  • First I download the photos from my memory card onto my computer. To keep things organized under my photos I keep a folder for the year. And in that folder there are folders for every month. I can even go into each monthly folder and arrange the photos by dates. 

This is a great way to organize your photos onto your computer, but we call know that computers can crash and the last thing anyone wants is to lose years and years of photos. Now this may seem extensive but I know that my photos are very important to me so I have 3 different back up systems . 

  1. I have an external hard drive where I keep the same yearly and monthly files that are on my desktop. When I finish adding new photos to a monthly folder I just copy the whole folder over to the external hard drive. I have a 2TB external hard drive that is just for photos. This way if your computer dies, you have all the photos on an external that can be hooked up to a new computer. Also in case of an emergency it is easier to grab the external hard drive that a whole desktop pc. 
  2. Burn onto cd's or save onto flash drives. Because sometimes even external hard drives can break. This is an back-up to the back-up. This is a very time consuming process but I do have most of my photos also burned onto CD's. I keep 3 ring binders filled with cd's as a "just in case" 
  3. I also upload most photos onto a photo sharing website. Personally I use Flickr. For $25.00 a year I have unlimited storage space and can upload all the photos I want. So even if my desktop, external hard drive and cd's all get destroyed my photos are still out there on the internet for me to access. 
Our photos are our families memories frozen in time. 
Keep them safe and secure!

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