Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Interracial Coupling: Should the term even exist?

This is one adorable Cheerios Commercial. So I could not believe the audacity of those who complained about how this family was depicted. A sassy bi-racial blogger gave her two cents in a recent article titled "I'm Biracial, and That Cherrios Ad is a Big F***ing Deal. Trust Me. In her opinion: this is a BIG F-ing deal, in a GOOD WAY, not bad. This blogger gets to see a mother and father on television that looks just like the family that raised her. Now what could be so wrong in that? In fact, it's about time! 

It is unbelievable that this day in age we could still criticize and condemn based on race. We complain about acts of terror which are of course evil and worth fighting against, but what about the everyday acts of cruelty and lack of acceptance? This has to stop.

In fact, should the term interracial couple even exist? Interracial couples love each other, support each other and raise families together no different than non-interracial couples. Couples are couples and so cheerios got it right. They cast a man to play dad, a woman to play mom and a little girl to play daughter!

Families are all uniquely their own and should be accepted and portrayed as such. Love and kindness that will ultimately defend against such a scary world starts with us and how we treat our neighbors and fellow citizens. So stand up against those that think critiquing coupling (different than their own) is acceptable.

 How do you stand up against prejudice in today's society?

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