Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Father's Day Gift Ideas Straight from Dad

Who better to give us ideas for what Dad's want for Father's Day then some top-notch Dads. So we turned to the men behind HerMamas. That's right our husband! We asked them to tell us what their ideal Father's Day gifts would be. 

Joey is the father of 2 girls, 8 years old and 3 years old. He is a stay at home Dad and is very involved with all parts of parenting since the day his oldest was born. We asked him what his ideal Father's Day gifts would be and he told us...

  • Clothes or hats from some of his favorite brands. Since Joey has a punk rock/skater kind of vibe his favorites include brands like Famous Stars and Straps, Rebel 8 and Benny Gold
  • A certificate for some go-kart racing. With 2 kids in the car Joey has always been a responsible driver. This is a great way to give your Dad a chance to really put the pedal to the medal and live out any Fast and Furious fantasies. 
  • A new BBQ grill. Joey is a great cook but he is an even better griller! He recently came up with a great homemade burger patty recipe and the whole family will benefit from a shiny new grill in the backyard! 

Diego is a father of 3 wonderful kids ages 6, 2 and 1. He takes his responsibility of raising his children very seriously. He is raising his children to be strong, independent, and loving people.  We asked Diego what he would like for Father's day.....
  • A Nike Fuel Band. Diego eats well and stays active, so this is the perfect gift for him. The Fuel Band is not only a pretty cool watch but it tracks your daily steps, calories and something called Fuel Points. It can be synced to your PC and phone. It's a wonderful complement to anyone who's fit-conscious and active. 
  • Mac Mini Computer. Our PC desktop finally gave out and Diego can't wait to get his hands on a new Mac Computer. Our HP desktop was last in line to be converted to an apple device after iPhones and an iPad. If the Dad in your life loves apple products, you'll love this device in your home collection of electronics.
  • Dress Shoes. My hubby is a professional career man who's in usually in a pair of slacks and dress shirt. Needless to say, he goes through dress shoes pretty quickly. Aldo has some great styles if you're budgetless. And if you like to keep it budget-friendly, I've scored great pairs of dress shoes at DSW. 

Remember no matter what you buy for the Dads in your life, make sure to tell them how much you love them and appreciate all they do. 
What are you planning for Father's Day? 

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