Thursday, June 13, 2013

Competitive Moms Land a Reality Show

Reality shows are well a reality of our time. They are everywhere and about everything. It's hard to keep up, but a new show caught my eye. Pretty Wicked Moms is a new reality show on Lifetime. I had to see for myself how Lifetime would represent Moms in this new show. It was everything you expect a reality show to be.

Now I only caught the first episode but the shows centers around 6 shallow, self-centered Moms who are more concerned about outdoing each other, than raising their own kids. There is the Queen Bee, the Southern Belle, the Alpha Mom, the Doggie Mom (yes she only has a dog), the Divorced Mom and the Newbie Mom. They are basically all the mean girls from highschool, grown up to be mean moms.

The first episode centered around a Moms night out at the Queen Bee's boutique called Swank, where she proceeds to talk behind all the ladies backs about what they wore and how they didn't buy anything. Even the 2 "best friends" are constantly taking jabs at each other. The second part of the show is when the Alpha Mom throws her daughter a Mad Hatter themed birthday party, where she has spent so much money she claims she will never reveal the dollar amount to her husband.  At the party the women talk behind each others backs. All the while the Newbie Mom is desperate to fit in and put together the right outfit and makeup.

The stereotype of the ultra-competitive Mom is the reason why I have never had a "play-date" with any of my kids friends. These woman are conniving, petty, two-faced and just mean to each other. I mean the shows theme song is "Bitch" by Meredith Brooks.  So naturally I am hooked on the show.

Have you seen Pretty Wicked Moms?
What do you think about how this shows portrays Moms? 

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