Thursday, May 23, 2013

Volunteering with Kids

Students and Mentors
Working as a Team

This past weekend high school students from the Long Beach area committed themselves for what is known as a Day of Service. These young people came into the homes of individuals living with M.S. (multiple sclerosis) to clean, repair and revitalize. This effort was incredibly beneficial for disabled residents who needed countless services (fence repair, heavy cleaning and gardening). But it was even more touching to see how impactful volunteering was for the students of this community.

The gratitude of these residents 
    meant the world to amazing young 
     students and their mentors.

 Youth Ages 14-17

Volunteering with kids can be fun and easy. It doesn't have to be too labor intensive.  This particular day of service involved everything from sorting and organizing a non-ambulatory senior citizen's linen closet to completely rejuvenating a resident's backyard garden. A great way to organize your own Day of Service is to partner with local non-profits or churches. 

Other simple & great ways to give back and have fun regardless of your children's ages includes monthly donation sorting of toys and clothes to take to a local thrift shop. Another fun volunteer excursion I came across recently includes picking fresh fruit as part of a non-profit initiative to combat urban hunger (check age restrictions). 

Entire families can also volunteer at food banks, clean up national parks and beaches, or spend a few hours bonding with residents of senior resident facilities. Whatever the event, serving in any capacity is great for kids! The fulfillment that comes with giving to needy individuals or a cause makes our hearts fuller and our world better. And this lesson us one that all kids should learn firsthand while volunteering with mom and dad.

                                                  Have you volunteered with your children?

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