Tuesday, May 14, 2013

The WEIGHT is falling OFF: Month of May Fitness Challenge UPDATE!

UPDATE: It's DAY 15 and HerMamas.com's Month of May Fitness Challenge has over 30 challengers who combined have lost 30+ pounds! Using Skinnyo.com three different teams are completing & logging daily workouts, eating clean, and tracking their weight loss. Challengers get to chime in to offer and ask for inspiration, share workouts and even healthy recipes. And the best part, participants are feeling better than ever. 

Here's what challengers are saying about the HerMamas.com Month of May Fitness Challenge:

Brenda M.
It's no secret that I've been "trying" to lose weight for sometime now, but like most I always give in to food. Thanks to HerMamas things are different this time! I've lost weight and it's become more of a lifestyle change than a diet. I believe that it's thanks to the support of everyone on the challenge. It's been a great tool to have all these people that are after the same thing post about their daily workouts and just everything that comes with weight loss.

Crystal B.
I've loved the challenge so far because it helps keep me accountable to complete my Crossfit Mamas workouts. As soon as I'm done with a workout I post on skinnyo.com right away! I've definitely noticed it has helped me over my weight plateau and have seen changes in my body already.

Danielle B.
My favorite part of the challenge is doing it with other people. I also love creating the habit of being active. I feel great, and I can see the results. I look forward to the numbers on the scale dropping more!

Way to go challengers! Your hard work and determination continues to pay off and you've all been a wonderful inspiration to each other. But don't stop here. Catch ya on Skinnyo.com. Let's finish the month of May STRONG!

And to anyone else looking to start/join a team click here. There's still time to join the HerMamas.com challenge, and who knows, you might end up #1 on the leader board!

Before you go, tell us, what keeps you motivated for better health and overall fitness?

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