Friday, May 10, 2013

The Reality of Motherhood

In the age of Facebook and Instagram it is easy to think that motherhood is all about perfectly posed smiling children. We are here today to remind you about some of the realities of motherhood.

  • Wrestling a 1 year old... while trying to change a poopy diaper is more common than you think. 
  • You look forward to your shower...because it's the only time of the day you are alone.
  • Spending the whole day cleaning, feeding, caring for a person...and not hearing ONE thank you. 
  • When you are asking your children to clean their room and are totally nagging!  
  • When you hand your child a candy instead of an organic locally grown apple... and all the other Moms look at you all judge-y  
  • When insomnia kicks in and you finally close your eyes and drift off... and the baby starts crying.
  • Mopping up pee from the floor... for the fourth time in one day.
  • When your child says "Why is that lady so fat?"... in the middle of the grocery line, loud enough for everyone to hear. 
  • When your kid pukes all over the floor... of your favorite restaurant.
  • When you are enjoying "quality time" with your spouse and all of a sudden you hear..."Mom what are you doing?"
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  1. sounds like a mom's day but it pays off:) we were once children.:) Well done mommy!


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