Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Teacher Appreciation Gift Ideas

We all know how much our children's teachers sacrifice for our kids - hours spent on lesson plans and grading papers. Thanks to budget cuts many teachers are using their own money to fund many class projects. They  teach and more importantly care about our kids. The end of the school year is a great way to show your child's teacher (counselor/principal) just how much you appreciate all the hard work they have put in over the school year. 

Check out these ideas to kick-start your creativity:

1. Coffee House Gift Cards: Might seem standard, but I have noticed so many adorably decorated gift cards. The most common was of course from Starbucks and came with cute little cards that read: "Thanks a LATTE Teach!" So get created with this one. Have your child decorate a coffee mug with glitter, paint, or stickers then stuff it with your favorite coffee house gift card and top it with a cute note.

2. Plant in Decorated Pot: Teachers surely appreciate flowers but I've heard a few mention how overwhelming all these dying bouquets all over a classroom become. So instead pick a lovely small plant.  A teacher can easily take a plant home to transplant into their home garden.  And there's so many adorable notes to go with this gift:"I've grown so much because of you!" "You're the reason I've bloomed!" etc. etc. Colorful 3-D stickers go a long way on a plain old plant container so go to town on this one. Kids will enjoy getting to decorate this neat gift idea.

3. Summer Fun Kit: Teachers have the best schedule with summers off. I don't know if they get to bask in the sun much, but I sure do hope so. Here's your chance to stalk up on summer supplies and give a great teachers a new beach towel, hat and bag (to name a few). I'm sure anything is much appreciated. So even a nice sports bottle and sunscreen will do. But definitely encourage your child's teacher to take time out of their busy summer to relax!

4: Etc. Etc.: Edible creations (cookies, muffins, etc), Movie Tickets (with popcorn and candy), Personalized Desk Supplies (Post-Its, Pens, Mini Desk Organizer). These ideas can be as simple or as elaborate as you wish and are very budget-friendly!

After looking at this list, did you come up with some of your own? 
Share those! We'd especially like TEACHERS to chime in. 
Seriously, these gifts are for you, so what do you really want from a class of 20-something kids 
all clambering to send you off with a sweet good-bye and THANK YOU gift!

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