Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Summer Movies

Summer time means summer movies. With summer vacation right around the corner most parents will be dealing with kids who are bored and cranky from the heat. One of the best ways to deal is with a trip to the movies. There are some great family friendly movies hitting theatres this summer that your whole family will be sure to enjoy!

May 24th- Epic - Already in theaters, this move is by the same movie company that did Ice Age and Rio. The story is a classic good vs evil story. When a young girl finds herself transported into a forest fantasy world she must make friends with some interesting creatures to help save the pond that holds the future of the forest. With super stars like Beyonce Knowles, Colin Farrell, Josh Hutcherson, Aziz Ansari and Amanda Seyfried, this move looks like it will please girls, boys and parents alike.

June 21- Monsters University - "Before they were incorporated, they were educated." Twelve years ago Disney Pixar introduced us to Mike and Sully. Two lovable monsters who are complete opposites end up as dorm roommates at Monsters University. Sully is the fun-loving rule breaker and Mike is a follow the rules school nerd. Together can they win the Scare Games? If they lose they will be forced to leave M.U. My kids are really looking forward to this movie.

July 3- Despicable Me 2- Gru is back! The villain we all fell for in Despicable Me is here for a new adventure. This time he has been summoned by the Anti-Villain League. As the former world's evilest villain he is needed to help capture a new villain. Of course the funny and silly minions are along for the ride, as well as his 3 girls. That's right Gru and his minions have to save the world. The first movie was a huge hit and I know my husband and I are looking forward to this one!

July 31- Smurfs 2- The Smurfs are back and this time Gargamel has an evil plan (sounds familiar). This time he has actually done it! He has created his own smurf-like creations called "The Naughties". The plan is to trick the real smurfs into being naughty and wreak havoc on the world! Can Papa Smurf and the rest of the smurfs stop her and The Naughties before it's too smurfing late?

August 9- Planes- With the success of the Cars movies, Disney brings to theatres this summer, Planes. We are introduced to Dusty Crophopper (voiced by Dane Cook), a crop dusting plane with big dreams of flying as an international racer. His only problem is that he's afraid of heights. That's right a plane that is afraid of heights. This film looks a lot like Cars, but with a cast full of comedians and even a nod to Top Gun with one of the planes voiced by Val Kilmer, there is no doubt Disney has another hit on its hands.

August 30- One Direction: This is Us- It's a formula we all know. Put together 5 cute teen boys who can kind of sing and dance and just listen to the tween and teen girls scream. One Direction is the latest in a long history of boy bands. This movie gives you a look inside the world of Harry, Louis, Zayn, Niall, and Liam as they tour the world. If you have a One Directioner in your life (yes they really call themselves that) then this will be the summer flick for them.

September 27- Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2- Sony pictures animation is back and picking up where the last movie left off. As the people return to their home they find that the food machine has gone haywire. They have to battle food monsters to save the rest of the world from being destroyed. Lots of funny puns and jokes will have both parents and kids laughing. And yes the monkey is back.

What summer family movie are you most looking forward to?


  1. I just saw "Epic" over the weekend and definitely recommend it! Very cute & suitable for all ages and genders.

    1. I saw it over the weekend too and really liked it! I also loved that it was great for all genders. We took my daughters and my niece and nephew. My poor little nephew, he is the only boy in our family so it gets stuck watching princess movies a lot.

    2. Four thumbs up from my son and I, too!

  2. Epic or Monsters University sound like two great movies to watch this summer! Thank you for sharing this awesome list of family movies. :-)


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