Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Our Favorite TV Moms

In honor of Mother's Day this Sunday we are sharing a few of our favorite TV Moms! 

Reba from the show Reba: I loved this show. Who am I kidding, I still love this show. I think Reba is one of my favorite TV moms because she got dealt a pretty crappy hand with her husband cheating on her and her teenage daughter getting pregnant and married. Through it all the character kept her humor, her sass and her love for her children. Reba struggled through and managed to make her family work and even befriend her ex-husbands new wife.

Nora Walker from Brothers and Sisters: This show maybe over but well worth a look on Netflix. Sally Field plays Nora Walker, the matriarch of the crazy, dramatic and loving Walker family. After her husband dies she is left with her 5 adult children and the mess her husband left behind. As a Mom Nora is always right in the middle of all her kids' business. She never backs off because she loves her children so much. Even though her kids were adults with families of their own Nora never stopped taking care of them. Even when they disappointed her, she helped pick them up and put the pieces of their lives together again.

Clair Huxtable from The Cosby Show- She was always elegant, she was super intelligent and gave off such confidence. She was a working Mom who was strict with her children but always managed to teach her children valuable life lessons. Plus she could keep with the wit and sarcasm of Cliff Huxtable. She was the real head honcho of the household. At the time, for me, she was breaking the television stereotypes of the "Leave it to Beaver" type Moms. 

Gabrielle "Gaby" Solis and Lynette Scavo from Desperate Housewives (because I couldn't pick just one mom from this show): These characters were fearless. They went through it all living on "Wisteria Lane." The best part was how hilarious these women were when it came to getting their way; especially when that meant doing something good for their children. They also didn't always make motherhood look easy and I appreciate that. Whether it was Gaby scheming for her daughter to win top prize in a school fundraiser or Lynette sabotaging her young son's marriage because she knew in her gut the woman he married wasn't right for him, these women were hilarious, courageous and fun-loving TV moms.

Gloria Delgado-Pritchett from Modern Family: this fiery mom breaks the mold. She's clearly a big reason for this show's success. I appreciate how much her Latina heritage is on display. I mean she named her son Fulgencio. You look at her and think... "gold-digger?" You get to know her character and realize she's a hilarious, sassy and loving mother of two (with one killer bod).

Tell us about the TV moms you love...

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