Monday, May 6, 2013

Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Mother's Day is only a few days away! If you are still struggling to find the perfect gift for your Mom, or just need to drop some hints to your loved ones about what you might want for the big day, we have a few ideas.

1. I have always loved the idea of a Mother's ring, but have never found anything in a style my Mom would like. A few years ago I found these Mothers birthstone necklaces from Lifetime Mothers. A very sleek and modern twist to a Mother's ring. This necklace is a simple circle window where you can have each birthstone of each child inside. We bought my Mom one and had every family member's birthstone put inside. I love that as the family grows you simply open the necklace and add a birthstone. 

2. What Mom doesn't love sharing photos of their precious babies to their friends through social media? I mostly use my iPhone because it's super easy to share photos online. But this new Cool-Pix camera from Nikon gives you great quality photos plus by connecting to WiFi you can share these pictures straight from your camera to your Facebook wall!

3. More and more Moms these days are health conscious. They're getting and staying fit. This 'Up" band by Jawbone is a great tool to help Mom keep track of her exercise, movements and even sleep. All mom has to do is wear this cute bracelet. This device keeps track of all info. and you can be accessed on your cell phone or pc.

4. If you or your Mom is anything like me, they will never take time for themselves. For the type of Mom who deserves a spa day, but would never take the time or spend the money, buy her a gift certificate. Force her to spend a day relaxing and pampering herself. Believe me, just because she never goes does not mean she doesn't fantasize about it.

5. And never underestimate the power of some beautiful flowers.

Moms really just want a token of appreciation on Mother's Day. A simple card thanking her for all she does is a beautiful gesture.

Tell us what are you doing for your Mom on Mother's Day? 
What is your ultimate Mother's Day gift?

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