Thursday, May 9, 2013

Moms We Admire by Irene Quevedo

It must be a give in, the woman I admire most in life is my mother. We haven't always had the easiest of relationships, but what two individuals get along 100% of the time? To be honest, I was a pretty sassy teenager and mom got the worst of my mouth growing up. In spite of that, I've grown up a lot being a mother myself. I've come to appreciate so much about my mom and here's what I admire most (the short list):
A. My mother is DETERMINED: she only has a 1st grade education and dreamed of learning to ride a bike when she was a young girl. Her family couldn't afford the pair of shoes required for her to attend school. Regardless, now my mother has all of the comforters she once dreamed of as a young woman. She's a home-owner, a business-owner and something as simple as being a car-owner means everything to this humble woman of impoverished beginnings. She's empowered by all she's accomplished and though you'll never hear it from her, her journey of courage to make a life for herself in the U.S. belongs in the pages of a best-selling book. 

B. My mother is COURAGEOUS: she came to this country alone (not knowing the language) over 40 years ago. She was in search of a better life and not only did she leave behind a husband that couldn't be trusted, but her three young children. Talk about sacrifice. She describes that time in her life as torture having to leave her children long-term. I am grateful for her fearlessness because when I think of going after my dreams, I remember the example laid out before me by one courageous woman I know as mom. 

C: My mother is FORGIVING: she didn't only forgive her teenage kids with our sassy months. Mom's heart was too big for just that. Mom forgave my father time and time again for the philandering, the beatings, and countless years of broken promises. She dealt with him for decades and though many questioned her reasons for staying, she was sacrificing and making sure she was leaving when the time was right. Lucky for me, the time was right when I was around 7 years old. I might not exist if it weren't for just how forgiving mom was.

D: My mother is FAITHFUL: she is the most devout catholic I know. She prays in her prayer club almost nightly and teaches of her faith in a caring and humble way, never pushing religion. Mom pushes faith. She reminds us that there's something much bigger to believe in. Her faith is admirable and her example worthy of emulating.

E-Z (because I could  go on - but I will stop here) My mother is a Sweetheart: sometimes stubborn, sometimes not the best listener. See, mom is a lot like me and if I get to be A-Z like my mother, even with the flaws that make us human, and all else that makes us great, I'd be honored to become the mother my mother is!

One of my greatest goals in life is to know you're proud of me and though as a parent I teach my own children to be proud of themselves in spite of my take on things. I want you to know I'm proud of myself. And mom, I'm proud beyond words to be YOUR daughter!

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