Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Moms We Admire by Elissa Lerma

As a kid I adored my Mom. She was the best Mom ever. She played outside with us on the swings, helped me make books about my cat, made up songs so I could remember our phone number. She hugged me and kissed me and I never felt anything but love from my Mom.

Then I hit my teens and like most kids, my Mom started to bug me. She was always in my business, she never let me do things I wanted to do and she was much stricter than my friends parents. There were fights and groundings and I wished I had a different Mom.

Then I left for college and after my Mom left me at my very first apartment I cried, because I was scared without my Mom. From the moment I moved out on my own I appreciated my Mom more and more. Then I got married, then divorced, then married again and then I became a Mom myself. When I gave birth to my first daughter my Mom was with me in the delivery room. I was scared and I needed my Mom because if she says it's going to be okay, it IS going to be okay.

That moment when they placed my daughter in my arms for the first time I got it. I looked at my Mom and I just got it. I understood why she did everything she ever did for me. It was because she loves me more than life itself. She would do everything in her power to keep me safe and raise me to be a good person. Even if it meant me being mad at her and saying awful things. She was the "bad guy" because she loves me.

Oh how I wish I could take those teenage years back. I wish I knew then, what I know now. I wish I never put my Mom through those hard years because she was right. She was always right. Even when I thought in my heart and soul I was right, I was wrong.

Now that I have 2 daughters. Everyday I go to bed and hope that I have done as good of a job with my girls as my Mom did with hers.  I have one kid still in the middle of the  phase where she adores me and another right at end of that phase. As my oldest daughter and I bump heads and I have to give punishments I know that we are getting closer to that phase where she can't stand me. I really hope that when she can't stand the thought of talking to me she talks to her Nana instead.

 My Mom is an amazing mother who loves her children and grandchildren with her whole being. It is visible when she lays eyes on grandchildren. Her whole body lights up when she sees them. And they feel it. We all feel it.

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