Thursday, May 16, 2013

Going from Co-Worker to Boss

I just moved into my new corner office. I've had my own office in the past, but at this agency this wasn't just an office change. This new office came with a new title of boss. Getting to this management role didn't come without its issues. One of the biggest challenges was as my boss puts it "going from bud to boss!"

Here's what helped and what didn't...

Helpful: Remind your co-workers YOU haven't changed, but your job responsibilities HAVE! The job duties clearly change but that doesn't mean you will change too. You are the same person in a new role.

Not helpful:  To expect relationships to stay exactly the same. Relationship will change and that is normal. A co-worker relationship is different than that of boss & employee. Your employees report to you, so any buddy-buddy peer stuff goes out the window i.e. don't expect to gossip about the boss because now that chitter-chater (good or bad) is about YOU!  

Helpful: Be honest about not having all the answers while everyone is adjusting to the transition. You don't have to suddenly be a know-it-all because your title is different. There will be plenty to learn and it's okay to admit to not having all the answers.

Not helpful: The power-trip. Now that's easier said than done but what helps me is to ask myself what is best for everyone. Sure I may be the boss, but I don't have to have things go my way 100% of the time simply because of a title. 

Helpful: Learn all you can! Read the books, attend the trainings and find a mentor. Again, you don't have all the answers, but there's so many places to find them. My boss has been a wonderful mentor to me. I've continued to read about leadership and sought out training opportunities to improve as a leader. 

Not helpful: To be tentative. Make sure to follow up and follow through. As the new boss what will be watched most is not what you say, but what you do. It's your "butt up the flagpole." So get after it and set the example through your personal efforts and hard work.

I had some bumpy moments going from co-worker to boss and frankly I am still adjusting, but I'm doing my best to stick to what's helpful, stay humble and keep my heart in my work as much as possible!

What are your workplace tricks of the trade?
Seriously, everyone's tips HELP so share yours in the comment section...

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