Friday, May 17, 2013

Can siblings EVER get along?

My brother and I were bitter rivals growing up. We couldn't be in the same room. He hated playing with me and we even got into fist fights. The rivalry ran rampant. I wondered if my children would have this same tumultuous relationship? And honestly the jury is still out on that one. Then again, fist fights will never, ever, ever be tolerated.

As much as my children show love and tenderness they also nag, argue and struggle when sharing the spotlight and their precious toys. I'm always doing my best to play fair with the kiddos and teach them kindness. Still these little suckers battle.

The battle could be over who first laid their grubby little fingers on the last lollipop or who gets to push the grocery cart at the supermarket. At 2, 3 and 7 yrs. old there's battles. I couldn't believe a two and three year old would be at each others necks and then my kids came into this stage. I'm hoping to avoid major sibling rivalry as the years go on and truly praying (and working) to raise considerate, supportive and loving brothers and sisters!

What's the big secret to dealing with sibling rivalry? Mommas everywhere want to be let in on this secret. Share your tips below...

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