Thursday, May 2, 2013

Arts and Crafts Piñata for Cinco De Mayo

With Cinco de Mayo happening this weekend there will be tons of excuses to have a Mexican-themed party or meal, but have you considered some Mexican-themed arts and crafts? If there's one thing that's pretty standard at a Mexican party, that's a piñata filled with candy! Check out this fun and easy way to make a balloon piñata and take the opportunity to teach the kiddos in your life a little about Mexican Culture!

Balloon Piñata

What You'll Need:

Large bowl
Candy and toys (optional)
Broom handle or bat
To make a balloon piñata, tear newspaper into strips. Mix flour and water together to make a paste. Blow up a balloon, and cover it with strips of newspaper dipped in the flour and water paste. Cover the balloon completely. Allow it to dry for a day or 2, turning it occasionally during that time.
When the balloon is dry, paint it in bright, decorative colors. Then, with adult help, cut the top off the balloon and punch several holes around the top edge. Thread yarn through the holes, tie them together, and hang up your piñata. Fill the balloon with candy or toys if you want to use it (and break it) for the piñata game! 
For the games, children will take turns hitting the piñata (with a broom handle/bat) untiln it breaks and candies fall out. 

How will you celebrate Cinco de Mayo?

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