Monday, May 27, 2013

A Lesson from a Thirft Shop: What if your kid was the bully?

In Utah the mother of a 4th grade girl found herself dealing with bullying. Except it was her daughter that was doing the tormenting. When the school called to inform her that her daughter had been taunting a girl everyday  for 3 weeks and making fun of her clothes, this mom gave her daughter a stern talking. When that talk didn't help stop the bullying she went a step further.

This mom wanted her daughter to have a taste of her own medicine. She took $50.00 and went to her local thrift shop and bought a bunch of really ugly clothes for her daughter to wear. Then she made her daughter wear them to school. She wanted her daughter to know what it felt like to be made fun of because of her clothes. It didn't take long for this little girl to learn her lesson.

This is obviously a very unusual approach to dealing with your child when they are the bully. This mother was trying to teach her daughter empathy, but do you think this is the best approach? Do you think this approach would only make the bully humiliated and even angrier? Or do you think this was a creative and effective way to combat bullying?

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