Friday, April 19, 2013

Tips to finally land that JOB

Whether you're male or female, a mid-career professional or recent college grad, more and more people are talking about the ups and downs of landing a job in today's economy. Seems like it's taking longer than ever to land an interview, let alone get the call that you've been hired. Consider these simple steps and invigorate your job search today...

1. Don't underestimate the following: cover letters, thank you cards and follow up phone calls. I've had plenty of bosses and colleagues talk about how the real difference came from one or more of the aforementioned. A well-written coverletter is your first "voice" in this search so make it a great on. Sure you might think a well-written resume is the end all, but when countless people apply for the same job chances are only cover letters are skimmed while actual resumes go ignored. End the cover lettter with a strong concluding sentence. Basically, leave the reader wanting more. My previous cover letters ended with a line I stole from my husband: "You will be impressed!" Thank you notes and follow up calls should follow the interview and both should serve as a gesture of gratitude and a reminder that you're HIGHLY interested.

2. Networking Does Really Work so put yourself out there. Tell everyone you're searching. So many people talk about how they landed the ideal job because they knew someone who got their foot in the door. This is truer than ever with social media creating a large network at everyone's fingertips. Don't do this alone. As much as it might feel like a job search is something you alone put the time into behind a computer, searching ads, and sending resumes, that is really not enough anymore. So be willing to meet people and spread the word to your networks that you're searching and exactly what you're searching for. As a supervisor in charge of hiring and firing, I understand the value of finding great employees through word of mouth and already established relationships. In fact, I prefer it that way as opposed to a random applicant who found us through an online search or walk-in. So get into your network to land the right job.

3. Get Confident and Study Up. Might seem like this goes without saying, but say you've done all of the above to land the job interview and during the interview you fail miserably. A great way not to fail is to mentally prepare and rev up your self-confidence. Get amped about YOU and do not sell yourself short. Bring major enthusiasm to the interview (along with a sharp outfit to match the occasion). Enthusiasm and confidence go such a long way and though you might sound amazing on paper, you must also present well in person. After all, employers will work with your personality day-to-day and not the skills you've noted on paper. At times finding the self-confidence can feel like a challenge so study up on the company and possibly google search what you can about those who run it. This will bring you a level of understanding and hopefully boost your confidence before actually sitting in front of an interviewer.

And beyond everything else keep the faith! Jobs can be hard to land, but if you're relentless and methodical you're bound to land the best J.O.B for you. So happy hunting and GOOD LUCK!

What do you think helps when it comes to LANDING the ideal JOB??? 


  1. I am new here! Thanks for sharing these tips I am actually in the middle of finding a new job... Great tips!

    1. Awesome! Welcome and thanks for stopping by Connie! And good luck with the job search!

  2. I loved this article!! Thanks for the Tips!!

  3. I love this article!! Thanks for the tips!


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