Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Photo Editing in a Few Simple Clicks

Digital photography is awesome! Gone are the days when you got one roll of film. Now you can just keep snapping away. I keep a 32gb card in my camera and I can literally take over 8000 pictures. I also love digital photo editing. There are really great programs like Photoshop out there, but they are really expensive and unless you are a professional it can be too much. And as a Mom I can say that "ain't nobody got time for that!". Lucky for us there are great (and FREE) photo editing sites on-line that I think work just as great. 

My favorite is If your used to use than will be a breeze to navigate. But even if you are new to photo editing this site it really user friendly. I am going to walk you through a few easy steps to take a normal picture and make it even better.

When you open your welcome screen will have the option to upload a picture. Simply upload the photo you want to edit and your and your picture will be taken to the edit screen . Here you will find a few different tools, but for today's tutorial we are just going to stick with "Basic Edits" and "Effects".

(you can click on any of these photos for a closer look) 

 The first thing we are going to do is crop the photo. This picture was taken at a zoo and there was a lot of traffic in the background. I want to eliminate as much of the people in the background and at the same time keeping all of my main subject. When you click on crop you have a pull-down menu of different sizes. I recommend keeping it on "Original Proportions", especially if you are going to be printing your photos. This grid will come up on your image and you just pull the circles on the edge until you are satisfied with your image and then clip the "Apply" button.

After we have cropped out as much as we can its time for a little effect magic. The great thing about these type of photo-editing sites is they come with a ton of great pre-set filters. Instead of you having to tweak colors, temperature, white balance and other things, these filters give you a different look with just a click. has a ton of great effects to work with. And if the effect is too dark or light or not colorful enough you can use the slide bars to get the exact look you want.

With this photo I went with the Cairo effect. I set the vignette to 0% because I did not want the dark ring around the edges. I liked this effect because it made the reds really stand out.

 After you have chosen the effects you all that is left to do is click the "Save & Share" tab. From here you can save this image to your computer, your Flickr account, post it on Facebook and print it.

Happy Editing!


  1. Thank you for sharing! I currently use PicMonkey for photo editing. I will certainly add Ribbet to my photo editing sources.

  2. I usually use PicMonkey, but I really like the features I see here. I may have to check out Ribbet! Thanks!

    1. I like PicMonkey too but it's not free anymore!


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