Tuesday, April 23, 2013

How to Survive the NBA Playoffs

Okay, so maybe you're a big fan of basketball and you're not exactly putting up with NBA finals, but what if you've just about had it with basketball season? Maybe you're like me and it feels like NFL and NBA games take over weekends year-round. I'm actually lucky my hubby isn't ALSO a big baseball fan because then we'd really have way to much to keep up with.

Whether you're a fan or not, check out these tips to make the best of NBA playoffs (and sports fanatics in general, year-round):

1. Make it a hot date: don't just sit on the couch watching playoff games every couple of days. Catch the game at a restaurant/bar and have a fun date night. Great excuse to get out and have fun together taking part in something your other half is sure to enjoy.

2. Host playoff parties: Think delicious appetizers and themed drinks. Sticking to a simple two-drink menu/theme for the alcohol options keeps the drinks affordable (i.e serving Guinness for celtic fans).

3. Ditch the game for girl-time: Either have girlfriends over (during the game) and quarantine an area for the gals sans-sports for facials and cocktails or caravan elsewhere for manicures, magazines and chit chat. Guys get their game-time while gals get in some girl-time too.

4. Embrace it: My hubby once (conveniently) showed me a post from a friend's Facebook page. It was a photo of a small cooler with six-beers and a hat with this guy's favorite sports team all grouped together with a BIG bow and a card that simply read: "Enjoy football season! Love, Your wife!"

I personally thought no. 4 was a great idea. Embracing what your hubby loves will surely lead to him embracing more of what you love. Whatever you do to get through it, just remember the playoffs mean that basketball season is almost over! 

Are you embracing the NBA playoffs too or just about ready for this season to be OVER?

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