Tuesday, April 16, 2013

"Family Truly is Everything" - Guest Post by Joaquin Garcia

When big events happen that change our lives, many of us take time to reflect.
 Our guest contributor today is Joaquin Garcia.
 As he goes through both positive and negative life changing events,
 he has spent time reflecting on what family means to him. 
We are very happy he is sharing his words with HerMamas. 

In my 28 years of life I have endured and overcome a plethora of trials and tribulations. Some have been cause for celebration. Others have been devastating and overwhelming. But regardless of the good or the bad I have learned that every single obstacle I have conquered or overcome in life has not been accomplished alone. By that I mean the simple fact that I have always had my family and friends support and encouragement to inspire me to attain each and every goal I have set out for myself, as well as instilling the patience, courage and strength to overcome those hardships and struggles.

 I currently find myself battling the largest hardship bar none that I have ever faced. At times I've felt like throwing in the towel and giving up. But instead of taking the easy way out I remember why I'm fighting so hard to win this battle that I'm currently faced with. I'm fighting not only for myself, but for my family. My loving Fiancé, my daughter, my two sons, and my little angel on the way. I am reminded each and every time I look upon their faces that they look up to and depend on me for everything and it motivates me to keep pushing and fight even harder. I am now a father and understand my vital role in being not only a provider but also the role model that I have always dreamed of being for my family.

 I vow from this day forward to never let doubt or frustration deter me from giving my family the life and upbringing they so deserve. My very own upbringing raised me to believe with all of my heart that family truly is everything. From the second I was born they were my lifeline for every essential aspect of life. From nurturing/sparking my imagination, inspiring goals and dreams, instilling morals, values, religion, family traditions, work ethic, and ultimately providing the needed knowledge and moral compass necessary to become a respectful and mindful member of society. Granted, all of life's lessons could not be taught through just words alone, but through trial and error on my own account. It was at that exact moment that my own intellect, judgment, and moral compass determined my decisions and choices that ultimately revealed the harsh reality that I have known to call "Life". Those decisions have molded, established, and created the path that I am currently taking and the life that I am currently leading. 

But when I realized the difficulties of life it was almost instinctual to call upon that vital and necessary lifeline I call "Family & Friends". I believe wholeheartedly that it is through our family and friends selfless love and support that we realize and learn that they are our foundation, our rock that we can count on without question during hardships and strife. Now that I am engaged to be married and expecting my first little one, it fills my heart with joy to know that I will be able to share my lifeline with a family of my very own, to ensure that they receive that same upbringing and closeness that I have always known with my immediate and extended family.

I am a stronger man in spite of all of the hardships and struggles I have endured and I can honestly say that I am proud of the man I have become and still becoming. I feel I have already accomplished quite a bit in my life. But with that said, I am not satisfied. I have set out to become an amazing husband and father, to raise my family as best as I can, to ensure my family and I build a stronger relationship with God, to purchase a house for my family to call their home, and to ultimately live the American dream. Although the military and a structured upbringing have taught me to be independent and self-sufficient, regardless of how strong of a man I am, I know that I have to remain humbled and that I will always need and have that vital lifeline I have so lovingly learned to call "My Family" to help me through each and every battle I fight. Family truly is everything!

Thank you for sharing your powerful and positive words with us Joaquin. 
Is is such a beautiful  thing how our children can remind us how blessed we truly are. 
How did having children come into your life change your beliefs? 

- Joaquin Garcia is a 28 year old Navy veteran. Joaquin is sweet, sensitive and over 6 feet tall. He is currently an active navy reservist as well as working towards a certification as an EMT He is looking forward to pursuing a career in law enforcement. He can recite entire Snapple commercial's from memory. His favorite animal is the bald eagle because it represents our country and why he chose to fight for it and his family. He cannot wait be married to his beautiful fiance Cassandra and become step-dad to her 3 children. They are expecting their first child together this summer. 

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