Friday, April 26, 2013

Currently Obsessed

1. All The Times We Had by Ivan & Alyosha- After forming in 2007, this Seattle based band has released their first full length album. This album is super mellow and a great lazy day summer CD. The best way I can describe them is a mix of Radiohead and The Beatles. The first time I heard the whole album it made me want to jump in the car and take a road trip to Joshua Tree. I could picture the wind whipping through my hair zooming through the desert with this album playing at top volume.

2. Google Calendar- Now this current obsession has taken over my entire life, in a good way. I first began using the google calendar at my husband's urging to share work commitments. Before I knew it, I had a personal version for blog up keep and now an entire office full of staff using it too. My staff probably think I'm a bit nuts with my constant "put it on the calendar" rants. But keeping multiple calendars virtually available really helps this busy mom stay organized.

3. Carlos Santana Handbags- I love handbags. They really are a weakness. If you look in one of the closets in my house you will find it filled with handbags. But I haven't drooled over a bag like this one in a long time. I found this gorgeous mexican oil-cloth inspired bag and fell in love. When I looked at the label I was shocked to see it was Carlos by Carlos Santana. Yes that "Oye Como Va" Carlos Santana. This bag is gorgeous and I have not stopped talking about it for weeks. And at $89.00 is it not too outrageous in price.

4. Spotify- We love music. I have it playing almost constantly and have ipod players throughout my house. My favorite program for music is Spotify. A step up from Pandora, Spotify not only plays radio based on your favorite artist or type of music, but you can play almost any song from any album any time you want (on the desktop version). You can even make playlists of the songs you want. Follow along with what your Facebook friends are listening to, also! The mobile version does not give you the option to play personal DJ but it does play the artists and type of music radio just like Pandora does. And all this with the free account. If you sign up for their Premium account for $9.99 a month, everything you can do on the desktop site, you can do on the mobile site. It's like having every album ever in your personal collection.

5. Shrimp Tray from San Pedro Fish Market- The San Pedro fish market in sunny SoCal is definitely a bustling must-see. My favorite part has to be the easy access to delicious shrimp trays. There's also live music and shops for strolling. Once while visiting we saw a patron wearing a t-shirt that read: "San Pedro: where the ghetto meets the sea!" We don't mind a little ghetto when it's mixed with great friends and food. The shrimp tray is so good I tried making it at home. Sadly, I over-salted it. Which only means I need to head to San Pedro sooner than later for the REAL thing! It's delicious.

6. Gravity Falls- This cartoon on Disney Channel is just super cute and funny.  The first one I ever watched had me just cracking up. It was called "The Time Traveler's Pig." I couldn't believe how witty the lines were and so I began telling everyone about this cartoon as if it was a primetime comedy. When a new episode premieres my 6 yr old and I make sure to plan a date night to catch it on TV or we  watch episodes on the Disney Channel App. The best part of this cartoon has to be a character named Mabel (voiced by Kristen Schaal). She's a sweet little girl who is always positive, giddy and hilarious! Plus, she has the coolest collection of rainbow-unicorn-ice cream sweaters. Gravity Falls is a cartoon parents will enjoy with jokes meant for adults that aren't inappropriate for kids. A true win-win, so TUNE-IN!

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