Thursday, April 25, 2013

A Closet Full of Gifts!

It's Friday evening. Your crazy week has finally come to an end. The kids are in bed and as you get up to refill your wine glass you notice something on the calendar. Your kid has a classmate's birthday party. Tomorrow. At 11am! With everything else going on it has totally slipped your mind that "Hunter's" party is tomorrow and you have no gift.

I have to admit this has happened to me more times than I care to admit. Usually I have to leave even earlier for the party and stop at a store to buy a gift, card and usually a gift bag.

While listening to a podcast the other day I heard about this brilliant idea that would save me time and money.....


It is exactly what it sounds like. It is a closet full of gifts. You keep it stocked with random gifts for different genders, ages and occasions  Make sure you have some generic cards and gift bags too.

So what do you buy for your gift closet? Well you know how when you shop you sometimes find some really good clearance deals on things like board games, candles, puzzles, baby clothes, picture frames, etc?

Grown-Ups: Well don't pass up that $2.00 mandarin orange candle from Ross. Buy it and put it in your gift closet and the next time you need a quick co-worker gift you are ready! Check places after Christmas time when many gift-sets are clearanced.

New Baby:  Baby clothes are a great thing to buy too, when the winter clothes and blankets go on clearance in spring buy a few pieces. Someone you know will have a baby!

Young Kids: Sometimes classic board games like Memory and Chutes and Ladders will go on sale for $5.00. Buy a few of those and keep them in your closet for your kids classmates birthday. Another great $5.00 clearance item are DVDs. Keep some of those for the gift closet. Have a great Michael's coupon that is about to expire but don't need anything? Stock up on crayons, markers or play-doh to keep in your gift closet.

I really love this idea. 
Do you have any tips for stocking a gift closet?


  1. My mom has had a gift closet for years, I would often go "shopping" there if I was low on funds and needed a gift. When we moved to Lockwood, 50 miles from the nearest Walmart, Target, Kmart, Toys R Us, etc. I started my own. I shop the clearance isles and the dollar spots. I've also been know to stock it with nice gifts that I've received but can't or won't use. Also I tend to over buy stuff for my kids so some of that ends up in there as well.

  2. My mother in law does this. One day a little girl with her parents that had just arrived from Mexico went to her house and the little girl said, "It's my birthday" and the parents were very humble and quietly hushed her up. My mother in law said, "I knew it was a special day and went to her closet to get a brand new doll!" The little girl's face was priceless, the whole thing was so precious!


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