Monday, March 18, 2013

What happens after two?

Naturally, I have only two arms and for a long time that's all I thought I'd need. This morning I thought differently! My oldest son has spent approximately 5 years of his life crawling into my bed. This happens every single morning.

My 2 y.o. daughter recently began the same ritual. She however wakes up before her big brother. Now most mornings are the same: He comes, she's there, they begin a battle for who gets to lay next to mom. My daughter protests "NO, me!" my son chimes in "Noooooo, ME!" Every morning the same battle ensues.

Of course, I remind them on a daily basis that I luckily have two arms. Then like clockwork we snuggle into new positions. One ends up on mommy's left side while the other shifts their way onto my right. And in that moment all is right with the word.

Thing is... I have three children. Soon my youngest who is new to walking will waddle his way over to cozy up next to mom. I'm sure of it. And what will happen then? Mommy only has two arms like I often remind them. I seriously laid in bed this morning imagining where I'd place my third little bundle in the not-so-distant future.

So parents of multiples... Inquiring minds like mine want to know: what happens after two?

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