Thursday, March 7, 2013

Girlfriend Date Night

I love a good date night. I still make time to date my husband (after 7 years of marriage), my kids and even my girlfriends. To me dating is simply dedicated time spent bonding and nourishing relationships. 

Now for busy moms like me, this doesn't have to mean hours on end spent away from home, but it should be time one's eager to invest. HerMamas co-creator Elissa is my go-to-girlfriend these days and she and I live about 100 miles away from each other. So a great way to stay connected is virtually! Use technology to date your girlfriends! Plenty of couples date this way to keep long-distance relationships working and girlfriends are no exception! You don't have to be neighbors to feel close. For Elissa and I there isn't a day we're not chatting via Facebook, text, email, Facetime, and even old-fashioned snail-mail! We're sharing it all from the mundane grocery shopping adventures to full on pep talks. It is my bond with her and other girlfriends that bring me comfort and balance. 

Make the TIME for friends because all too often they end up at the bottom of a busy mom's list of priorities! Book a periodic date night with gals pals and enjoy! Last week I was able to hang with a group of fun-loving sorority sisters. We each purchased an Amazon Local Deal (keeping it affordable at $20 per person) and got together for a painting on canvass class. All was provided for the evening: supplies, instructions, etc. Plus the company providing this deal "Brushstrokes and Beverages" hosts these painting lessons at local restaurants so 1/2 off appetizer and drink specials really rounded out the night. By the end of it, one gal pal was ready to log onto eBay and auction off her Paris inspired canvass. This was a really fun night!

Finally, if getting out of the house is a challenge due to childcare or whatnot how about hosting a stay-at-home date night for a group of gal pals:
  • Painting on Canvass Party (All supplies available at a hobby shop. Everyone can bring different materials and food to share).
  • Wine and Cheese Party (Research what wines go well with different foods to enlighten the group. Have girlfriends each bring a different bottle of wine to learn about).
  • Scrapbooking Party (Busy moms don't always get to those pending scrapbook projects so making a date night out of it might do the trick).
  • Cookie Exchange Party (Bring a batch of HOMEMADE cookies to share with your girlfriends and exchange cookies and recipes).

There's a ton going on in our everyday lives, but before that husband and those kids came along, chances are you couldn't live without your gal pals and all your crazy chats and even crazier outings (date nights). So keep dating your girlfriends. And share with us some of your best girlfriend date night suggestions?!?!


  1. Even though it's hard to find a time that works for everyone, me & my girlfriends get together and we call it GDP, girls dinner party. We usually do potluck or go to a restaurant. We also sometimes do Family GDP where we include husbands/boyfriends and kids.

    1. Love the idea of including the hubbies and kids! That way everyone looks forward to it! Enjoy!

  2. SO funny. Only because I was just having this conversation yesterday, about getting back into the groove of things. After staying home with my son for 2 yrs and never going out or spending alone time with NOT ONE SOUL, I decided there needed to be change. This Friday I was invited to a wine and cheese party for girls and I jumped on that chance. A healthy, happy, sane mom, equals a happy, health, sane family <3

    1. So glad you're going for it Jamie. Enjoy the wine, cheese, laughter and time to YOURSELF with your gal pals!


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