Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Food Labels

It is important to know what you are feeding yourself and your family. The best place to start is right on the package. Food labels give you a lot of information right on the side of the package! Here are a few tips on reading a food label. 

1. Serving Size- This information will let you know what a serving size is and how many servings are contained in the package. For this example the serving size is 4oz and there are 4 servings in this package. All the information listed below is for one serving.

2. Calories & Calories from Fat- This will let you know how many calories there are per serving. In this example there are 280 calories per serving. So if you eat half this package then you have consumed 2 servings and 560 calories. There is also a breakdown of how many of the calories per serving are from fats.

3. Nutrients- This section gives you the amount of nutrients in each servings. The top half (fat/cholesterol/sodium) are nutrients you want to have less of. Eating too much of these increases your risks of thins like high blood pressure, heart attacks and cancer.

4. Good Nutrients- Nutrients like Dietary Fiber/Vitamin A/VitaminC/Calcium/ Iron are nutrients that are good for you are most Americans do not get enough of in a day.

5. % Daily Value- This bottom footnote helps explain the % Daily Values listed on the right of the label. Based on a 2000 calorie diet, you can see how much of your daily intake of each item listed you are consuming per serving. In this example, one serving would give you 40% the amount of cholesterol you should be consuming daily. So 3 servings of this would give you 120% and put you over the amount of cholesterol you should be consuming daily!

Are you getting your complete daily value of nutrients? 
What are some of your favorite health foods? 


  1. It is so hard to stick to what you plan on putting into your body and your families.Then again I guess that is where the vision board would come in handy. Daily reminder to what you want yours and your families health to be at. Makes me really think.


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