Thursday, March 21, 2013

Do-it-Yourself Easter Baskets

Growing up, my mom was the queen of the Easter Basket!

Every year she'd recycle colorful baskets and stuff them full of goodies from the ninety nine cent store. When I thought about having kids, I knew I'd do exactly what mom did. I even assumed every mom assembled these by scratch.

But Easter Baskets are everywhere and in every type of store... especially toy stores. They don't have to be a do-it-yourself project, but I find the personal touch and time spent on this project much more meaningful.

In all of my years as a mom, I have always made my kids' Easter Baskets and I take great pride in "do-it-yourself-99-cent-store" baskets. Now you don't have to only stockpile items from the 99 cent store. There's plenty of other great items at places like Big Lots and the $1.00 section at Target (visit Target early in the month). You also don't have to be limited to bargain stores, but for me, I get a kick out of my 99 cent store Easter Basket run, every single year.

Why do-it-yourself?

1. Add personal items that really speak to your kiddo i.e. personal notes. Add their favorite items of all kinds from fruit snacks to puzzles, stuffed animals to school supplies.
2. You can opt out of items usually found in pre-made Easter Basters. For instance, parents can go the candy-less route and make an Easter Basket that's candy-free and still fun.
3. Truly personalize by going with a theme i.e. water works... bubbles, water balloons, etc. or a religious spin that includes prayer books and crosses (might be neat for kids learning about Easter in Catecism).
4. Finally, this is the pinterest age. With so many great ideas just one google search away... why not assemble a uniquely personal and fun Easter Basket?

Candyless Baskets- Books, Games and Stuffed Toys

Some Essentials I like to include:
- A Book (usually on something that kids are currently into (My daughter loves princesses and my son Legos).
- Plastic Easter Eggs Stuffed with Jelly Beans. You can decide against candy and replace it with school items like erasers, mini-sharpeners, stickers, and more.
- A Main Toy i.e. a mini-remote controlled car or a new barbie.
- A Toy for Sharing. Maybe your kids open their Easter Baskets at family functions. If so, they'll immediately get a kick out of enjoying a mini-game of checkers, uno cards, or something similar.
- Symbols of Easter like a stuffed bunny rabbit, a toy ball in the shape of an egg, or maybe something religious.

I manage to do all of the above and spend between 10-15 bucks on each basket and as a momma of three I appreciate the bargain! Again, you can spend more than 15 bucks, but definitely get in the "do-it-yourself spirit" and personalize this year's Easter Basket!

What would you add to a do-it-yourself Easter Basket?
Share your favorite do-it-yourself holiday projects by commenting below.

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  1. nice!
    i do my own baskets too :)I like the personal touch that goes along with making them myself... looking forward to the expressions on their faces when they get their baskets :)


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