Friday, March 29, 2013

Currently Obsessed....

1. Macklemore and Ryan Lewis (The Heist) are probably best known these days for their catchy "Thrift Shop" song.  I first caught on to them through co-workers and the rest is history, way over the top obsessive history, of course. Finally, rap music that isn't gimmicky radio rap with crappy lyrics about a bunch of nonsense (i.e. strippers). Macklemore raps about deeply personal issues like addiction (i.e. his personal recovery from alcoholism). The key being his struggles with recovery. I appreciate anyone who writes with passion and genuine emotions. This album is full of emotions, vulnerability and talent.

2. Wooden on Leadership: With a recent promotion came the opportunity to become a manager and supervise a team. I've led in different capacities before, but this time my professional growth has come with its challenges. It's not easy to go from peer to boss, so with books on leadership, my mentors and confidants I continue to come into my own. Wooden on Leadership is one of many of the leadership books I'm learning so much from these days. Leadership isn't always easy, but it's fulfilling and I'll take all the lessons I can get from a man like the one John Wooden was.

3. Fresh & Easy:  Lunch for around 2 bucks? Yes, please! I spent this month either devouring Fresh & Easy single dinners or purchasing their ready-made sandwiches and salads. Why am I so addicted? It's cheap, fairly healthy and very convenient. Plus, Fresh & Easy is super coupon-friendly! My favorite single dinners (for lunch) include: Chicken Tikka Masala and Turkey with Stuffing (cost $1.99)!

4. Coconut Oil: I read somewhere that it was good for eczema so I thought I would try some for my oldest daughter. It has not only helped soften her skin but I am using it for everything. I have used it for make-up remover, as a deep conditioner for my hair, as chap stick, skin lotion, for my youngest diaper rash and even used some to fry some pork chops. I cannot get enough of this stuff and next time will buy the giant industrial size!

5. Cinnamon Roll K-cup Coffee: Every morning as soon as I drop off my daughter, all I can think about is this coffee. As soon as I walk into my office the first thing I do is head to the Keurig and brew me up a big cup of this Cinnamon Roll flavor from the Donut House collection. With a little vanilla creamer this coffee is the perfect blend of sweet and bold.

6. The Truth About Love by Pink: Ever since her "there you go" days I have loved everything Pink does. We are about the same age and it feels like her music has grown up right along side me. Her pink hair may be gone, and she is now a Mommy, but her music is still powerful and filled with "girl power" type anthems. She is one of the current pop stars I don't mind my girls looking up to. This latest album is amazing. With great duets with artist like Eminem and Nate Reuss, the lead singer of Fun. This is the type of album you can listen to over and over again. And I do!

What are your current obsessions? 
We want to hear what you are into these days! 

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