Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Cross Fit- Guest Post by Diana M.

 I have been seeing signs for CrossFit. I have noticed lots of friends and family talking about "WOD" and "Burpees". I have noticed on instagram pictures of friends with sweat dripping off their noses. CrossFit has become a very popular workout program and Diana M. is a huge fan. Through social media she has shared her journey. The photos of this tiny woman lifting these big weights are amazing and inspiring. Today Diana tell us about how she got involved in CrossFit and why she loves it so much.

Take it away Diana.........

I was introduced to CrossFit back in August 2011. I knew about CrossFit because I would see my cousin always checking in on Facebook. One weekend I happened to ask her about it and she replied saying, it was a really high intensity, weightlifting, endurance program and everyday they would have different work outs. She also mentioned that it was like having your own personal trainer and the whole class would do the same work out. I found myself being interested. The next day I researched it and found out there was a CrossFit just one mile from my work. Fast forward to now and I now call CrossFit Temecula my second home.

I remember the initial days when I decided to give it a try. I remember walking in and being all intimated by all these ladies weight lifting, doing pull-ups, climbing ropes, flipping tires, doing box jumps, jump roping, etc. I told myself I wanted to be like them. I decided to join. I started going 3 times a week to their, "on ramp" introductory courses where they teach you the basic lifts and terminology. After that I graduated and was off to join the regular classes. 

What I really like about CrossFit is that we all do everything together as a class. We start with a warm-up, then a skill development segment, followed by a high intensity WOD (work out of the day) and we end up with group stretching. Everyday is something different and we end up working different muscles throughout. As I was growing up I was never into sports or any type of activities. I basically would just sit and watch TV all day. As a result those first few weeks were ROUGH on my body. I was ridiculously sore; I mean literally every muscle in my body hurt. I would walk out drenched in sweat and feeling great.  Initially, I would always be one of the last ones to finish. What would get me through finishing my WOD was my fellow teammates cheering me on and yelling I could do it.  After a few months into CrossFit and being consistent with my work out schedule I noticed a difference in my body. I started leaning out and noticed I was getting stronger and gradually was moving up in weight. It’s safe to say that with all the support and noticeable changes that I became addicted!! 

One of my favorite parts about working out at CrossFit is the team environment. CrossFit is a community. CrossFit is for everybody. Anyone can do CrossFit no matter your age group or fitness level.  CrossFitters don't judge you for doing a lighter weight or for not being able to do everything right away. They understand that everyone starts off different fitness levels. They understand you're new and try to give you tips on how to improve. Although CrossFit can be competitive people don’t put you down which happens sometimes in competitive sports. Instead everyone supports each other and helps each member get though the workout.  As you're doing your work out the coach is walking around making sure you are using your technique properly. If you can't do a certain movement you can always scale down to what it is comfortable for you. 

I've been now CrossFitting for a year and seven months and doing about 5 to 6 work outs a week. I've never once looked back. I can do movements that I've never thought I could do. I can see myself getting stronger and visibly looking better but most importantly I just feel great about myself and what I have accomplished with my fellow members.  The most rewarding part is seeing other friends and family try it and getting excited about fitness also.  For this first time in my life I am enjoying exercising and getting healthy.  I’m so glad I decided to give CrossFit a try. It has truly changed my life.

-Diana is a strong and beautiful women, inside and out. She has married to the love of her life Vince for 7 years. They have proud parents to their fur babies. Bo is a 12 year old yellow lab, Max is a 7 year old dachshund and Khloe is a 2 year old pitbull. Her guilty pleasure is hot cheetos. 

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