Thursday, March 14, 2013

A day in the life..... Night Time Routine

Yesterday Irene gave us a look into her morning routine. Today I am going to do the same and like Irene I am going to keep it real when it comes to the night time routine in my house. I work full-time and usually get home at about 5pm each evening. This gives me 3 hours and a whole bunch of things to get done before bedtime. It's like a daily marathon for me.

5:00-5:03: Step out of my car to find my girls running out the front door towards me. There is usually a "Don't run into the street!" yelled at some point and then lots of hugs, kisses and "How was your day's".

5:03-5:15: Walk into the house with my 7 year old talking non-stop and my 2 year old attached to my leg. I look over the completed homework and practice spelling test and any other flyers or notes from school. I unpack her lunchbox and then repack it for the next day. Put everything into the fridge and realize I forgot to put in a note. Add note and put it back again.

5:15-6:00: This time of the day is kind of like free-time. And by free-time I mean that I need to squeeze in quality time with both girls. Yes a full 45 minutes!!! Usually I will grab my tablet and hand it to my oldest and ask my little to grab a book of her own. We all climb into my bed and the oldest will read to me a few chapters of her current book. These days we are reading the Dork Diaries series. I will admit if it wasn't for the 2 year old jumping around I would totally fall asleep.

6:00-6:30: Time to make dinner. I turn on the New Found Glory station on Pandora and get to the stove. I saute, boil, and bake all while trying not to trip over my 2 year old who tends to either be riding a bike in circles around the kitchen or rolling a giant exercise ball back and forth. I try to distract her by asking her to grab forks and napkins and help set the table.

6:30-7:30: Dinner it always the same. My 7 year old will complain about what we are eating. She will push food around her plate and repeat things like "Can I be done?" or "I'm kind of tired" and "I'm full". Then my husband and I start our favorite duet of "Just eat your food". While this is happening the 2 year old is stuffing her face to the point of choking. Once she is done she will whine about getting down. Then at the end of the meal a miracle always happens. The oldest is no longer full or tired and the little one wants to sit in her chair. All this because my oldest will ask for some kind of treat or dessert. I say no to a treat about 75% of the time. Now everyone is grumpy.

7:30-7:45: Shower Time! I recently changed from giving the girls a bath to a shower. This is always the most stressful part of our night. The 2 year old will repeat over and over "Not a shower Mom, A BATH!" I can get her in and out in about 4 minutes. My 7 year old has severe eczema and baths and showers are painful because she has open rashes over a lot of her body. There is a lot of crying and stern talking. It is heartbreaking and frustrating at the same time.

7:45-8:00: I grab pajamas for the little one and she will cry because they are not her princess pajamas. Then I spend about 7 minutes combing my 2 year old long ass hair while at the same time telling my oldest to make sure to use a lot of heavy lotion all over. Then shuffle everyone back to the bathroom to brush teeth. The girls fight over the water cup.

8:00-8:10: The girls are finally in bed. Well the oldest is in bed and the 2 year old is in the general area of her bed. I will bargain with the little one. "If you get into your bed I will read you a story". This will work for about a minute. As soon as I start reading, she starts sliding out of bed and before I know it she is in the middle of the room singing Disney princess songs.

8:11: Lights go out, fish get fed, the pandora "Disney Childrens" station gets turned on. Kisses are given over and over and then I slowly close the door. I have made it to the finish line!

We want to hear about your night time routine!
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  1. I think ill try something similar to your night time routine. my evenings are usually filled with chaos lol and maybe my girls will be in bed by 8:30...that would be awesome lol. I also need to work on getting my little one to fall asleep without me, I'm usually laying with her in bed for about an hour until she falls asleep :/

    1. Good luck Jackie! I have to tell you both my kids are non-cuddlers. They would kick me out of their bed.


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