Wednesday, March 13, 2013

A day in the life... Morning Routine

Writing for always brings me joy. I get to share my ideas on many things to hopefully help women (moms and non-moms) through some of life's big transitions, decisions, ups and downs. I realize that sometimes in all the writing it may appear that things are easy and smooth. Things are normal and nothing about normal means easy and smooth. 

To illustrate check out this day-in-the-life glimpse... the Morning Routine edition:

6:15am-6:45am: One or more of my children climb into bed with me. Usually the 6 and 2 year old do this within minutes of each other to fight for the spot next to mom. In my slumber, I finagle each of them into my arms. Who knows what will occur when my 15 mos old is old enough to climb (yes, climb) out of his crib to "fight" for momma's "third" arm.

7am: Alarm goes off. I immediately pound the snooze button and snuggle closer to the babies laying next to me.

7:05am: Alarm goes off again for good measure.

7:15am: Another alarm reminding me to give my grade-schooler a 5-minute warning.

7:15-7:25am: 15 mos. old wakes up and begins to either read alone (after grabbing a book he snatched from the bookshelf next to his crib), "talk" to himself, scream for mama or at our dog, cry and/or poop. It's usually the latter.

7:25am: Give the grade-schooler another 5-minute warning (but this time, I MEAN IT). He usually checks his own watch as if I'd be lying about the time.

7:30am: Grade-schooler gets out of bed and into his closet where he often dresses himself unless this is one of those mornings where mommy MUST pick out his clothes for him. Either way one of us is always picking out holey socks, pants and/or underwear (no judgement, please - it's almost impossible for my kid to leave school without a new hole on his jeans, usually brand new jeans).

7:35am: Bathroom time next. Where I always chant the same thing: "brush teeth & hair - wash face & hands."

7:36am:  I ask my grade-schooler to brush his teeth again and "USE TOOTHPASTE this time!" The usual response "oh, I forgotttttttt!" I say to myself:  "Everyday? Really!" Come in and re-brush his hair (when necessary). Remember to wipe off nasty toothpaste crusties from the side of his mouth.

7:37-7:40am: Make grade-schooler's lunch, but 1st check if my 15 mos. old has pooped yet... must decide if I am dealing with a stinky diaper before or after lunch packing. FYI: we're talking every morning there's poop at some point during this routine (and if it's anything like today... it's watery, stinky and running up the side of my little one's back... gross, but true).

7:40-45am:  Breakfast-to-go decided on (toaster strudel, pancakes, waffles, yogurt or fruit).

7:45-7:50am: Wake up a usually crabby 2.5 year old to go pee-pee, get some shoes on her and decide on a backpack. Because she cannot take big brother to school without her backpack or Dora Purse or Hello Kitty Purse. Silently, I am praying that one of these three options is readily available.

7:50-7:55am: Check that grade-schooler has school folder in his backpack and lunch with him. Make sure everyone has shoes, sweaters and DIAPERS on. Lug THREE kids to the car to take ONE to school. Strap three kiddos into their car seats. Usually have one or more of my tiny troop crying, complaining, laughing, yelling, chatting or any combination of the aforementioned.

7:55am-8:05am: Deal with a crazy long valet line at my son's school drop-off (a drive that should take 4 minutes normally takes up to 15 mins.). Console with my 2.5 year old that wants to stay at school with her big brother, get out of her car seat or use the potty that very instant while we're stuck in traffic. At this point, it feels like I've been up for about 4 hrs. 

8:05am: Drop my son off saying my usual spill, "I love you, God Bless You, Have a nice day." I ask for my kiss and he's off with a quick good-bye to his lil' sis and lil' bro.

8:10am: Back home with 20 minutes left to ready myself and our home before grandma arrives to take over and let this working momma leave for the office!

This is my morning in a nutshell with the occasional variation. Regardless, it's a mad-dash and a test of patience as I make sure to get my son and myself ready and going for the day!

What's your morning routine like? Share your day-in-the-life adventures with us! 

And make sure to click the blog tomorrow for A day in the life... the Night Time Routine!

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