Monday, March 4, 2013

A Dad's Perspective: Leadership Lessons Taught To Me By My Children (#2) - Guest Post by Diego Quevedo

We're happy to have a daddy's perspective back on today! 

This time, Diego not only shares a few more leadership lessons taught to him by his children, but also provides action steps to get parents moving on some of the tips mentioned below. 

1. Show up
One of the minimum requirements of parenthood is to show up. Most responsible people will show up when expected. But what my kids have taught me is that a true leader, shows up no matter what. My son doesn't understand ‘budget meetings’ or ‘annual appraisals” but he does understand his dad not showing up. And so will your team. My kids have taught me that a leader does not try to explain or justify his absence but will do everything possible to show up.  

Action Step: Plan your next day (write down tasks to keep you on track and focused for the next day). Clarity = Energy.

2. Keep getting better

Children do not come with an owner’s manual. My kids have taught me that in order to better lead my family, I must continually get better. It is impossible to truly lead a family with a stagnant set of skills. It is impossible to be the best parent we can be if we do not continuously develop. The same can be said about leadership. When I look back at my experiences in different leadership capacities, it’s amazing to me that I was able to lead at all sometimes. Although they might not vocalize it, my kids have certain expectations of their father. I believe that the only way to meet and exceed these expectations is to continuously get better.

Action Step: Read “Good to Great” by Jim Collins

3. Follow through

Now this I have to really focus on. My son has a memory unlike anything out there. If I tell him, “We’ll go to Disneyland next year.” You better believe he will count down the days until “next year.” With busy schedules, we can fall into the trap of saying things for the sake of saying them. I am definitely guilty of this. I've learned that nothing can deteriorate trust in a leader/parent/spouse as quickly as not following through. A leader must be accountable for the words that come out of his or her mouth. If we don’t, at the very least we will have disappointed someone, at worst, the fabric of the relationship can be permanently damaged. I have found that having a system to track commitments helps tremendously with follow through.

Action Step: Develop an airtight personal productivity system. Read “Getting Things Done” by David Allen

Lots of great lessons this dad's learned throughout fatherhood? 
Share your leadership lessons and action items too by commenting below.

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Diego Quevedo is a father of three & a loving husband. Professionally, he manages a team of medical experts. Personally, he's a self-professed geek who loves to read and exercise! He's excited to contribute a dad's perspective to! We're looking forward to reading more on the leadership lessons fatherhood has taught him!

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