Wednesday, February 27, 2013

What's in a (Middle) Name?

Back in October, the actress Uma Thurman had a baby and she named her.....

Ready for this????

Rosalind Arusha Arkadina Altalune Florence Busson

One little baby with 6 names. 4 middle names. Imagine having to say all those names when this kid gets in trouble! Sounds a bit crazy and excessive but I must admit something, I totally get it. If it wasn't for my husband, my kids would probably have just as many (if not more!) middle names. 

Naming my kids was always the most stressful part of my pregnancies. A name is so important. I want my kids to have something unique but not weird. I also have this want to honor the people that I love by naming my children after them. I also wanted my family name to be represented but using a last name as a middle name just didn't sound right. Once I got started it was hard to stop and the next thing I knew I was coming up with names like...

Sophia Patricia Carissa Cristina Jessica Ami Mercy Ruth Kim Gomez Lerma........

My poor sweet husband, had to exercise his name vetoing power on that one. In the end both of my kids have a middle name. Just one. My husband named our oldest and gave her the middle name Renee, just because he had always liked that name. (I should have probably made sure there was no ex-girlfriends named Renee!). I gave our youngest her middle name, Blu. Yes like the color without an 'e'. I wanted to honor my parents and their marriage so I used the pet name they have for each other. (Yes my parents call each other Blu and have for over 38 years). 

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  1. My older daughter's middle name is the same as mine, Angelica( her dad named her). My younger daughter's middle name is Raquel,her grandma's name, my grandma's name, and my sister's middle name. My son's middle name, Manuel, is his grandfather's name and my husband's middle name.

    1. Side note: My sister named her kids right after I got married. So when she gave my niece/god-daughter the same middle name as mine I was happy that I kept Raquel as my middle name after I got married. Now my niece/god-daughter and I share the same middle name!

  2. I love middle names! Being Mexican-American, people think my middle name "Lynn" is weird but I love it! It was given to me by my oh-so-cool older cousins. When I had my daughter, I thought long and hard about what middle name I would give her (hubby and I had settled on her name long before we were even married). I decided to honor my best friend whose name is Karen Elizabeth by making a "mash-up" name... I came up with Kareli. KAR for Karen and ELI for Elizabeth. When she called me in the hospital after my princess was born, it was great to hear her reaction to my choice for a middle name!

    1. I love making up names like that! It is so unique! Your BFF must have been so honored. I have 2 BFF's and they both have sons. One named Eli and one named Elias. They claim they did not name their kids after me (Elissa), but deep down subconsciously they totally did. At least that's what I tell their kids.


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