Wednesday, February 13, 2013

What is your Love Language?

Between romantic comedies and television we have this notion that love has to be communicated through roses, balloons, big romantic gestures, and wordy love poems. When we get this notion in our heads we tend to ignore what our partners real love language is.

Love language is how your partner communicates love to you. The thing is you have to be really in tune with is your partner's love language. There may be things that you just think are part of a normal day. Look close and really pay attention.

Knowing my partners love language is very important in my personal relationship. My husband is the most unromantic person. Unromantic in the stereotypical sense. He does not whisper sweet nothings in my ear, he does not bring me flowers and candy, he doesn't write poetry. I know he was this way when I fell in love with him and I would never expect him to be something he is not. This does not mean that he does not show me love. He does show me love in his own special way. My husband has his own love language and it involves doing the dishes, changing diapers, giving me the last piece of food, making sure my needs are met before his, making me laugh and constantly pinching my butt.

Love Language does not only apply to your partner, but to your children too. My kids show me love with big hugs out of no where and sloppy kisses. They also constantly are making me drawings. I am also aware of my love language toward my kids. For me the one thing I do to show love is I am genuinely happy to see them everyday. Sometimes my love language does not seem like love to them. For example when I insist that they eat all their vegetables I am doing it because I love them and want them to be strong and healthy. My kids do not see it that way.

Reading Recommendation: If you want to read more about Love Language we recommend picking up "The 5 Love Languages" by Gary Chapman

Do you know what your or your partner's love language is?
How do you show your love to the people in your life everyday? 


  1. Hi Elissa - great post! I would also add that it's crucial to understand what our spouse's/kid's love language is in terms of how THEY feel loved. The book recommended really goes into detail about this. It basically says that although you might feel "loved" when your spouse does X, it doesn't mean your spouse will feel "loved" when you do the same.

    For example, I feel loved when my wife cooks me a bacon and egg breakfast. She feels loved when I buy her diamond rocks! Just kidding! But the principle does apply, we have understand how our spouse/child feels loved - it might not be the same way we do.

    1. Thanks for the comment D! You bring up a great point! I am adding the book on my to-read list. I should be done with it in about 3 hours. haha.

    2. HAHAHA! You sure will finish that sucker in THREE hours. Love that about you!

  2. I love this post!
    I think we must of married the same type of hubbie is not the type to send flowers but his love language speaks for itself.
    Last night, he had to go on a diaper buy run to target and he got us the 007 Blue Ray so once the boys are fast aleep tonight, we will be watching our movie. Being a mommy of (2) you have to find creative ways to celebrate.
    Happy Valentines Day Hermamas!

    1. Thanks Elizabeth! Hope you enjoy your movie and Happy Valentine's Day to you!

    2. Hey, movie night at home is my favorite kind of date! Hope you enjoyed it HerMama! Thanks for your comment Elizabeth.


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