Monday, February 25, 2013

Movie Review: Escape from Planet Earth

Escape from Plant Earth starring Sarah Jessica Parker, Jessica Alba and Craig Robinson (just to name a few) is a cute animated adventure about aliens trying to get back to their home planet. My son and I caught a showing over the weekend and I must say that at the matinee price (12 bucks total) it was well worth a mother/son trip to the theatre.

First off, my son at 6 1/2 still loves animated films, but they have to be "boyish" and full of adventure. This story was exactly that. There was a lot of silly comedy moments including food-fights, explosions and a whole lot of  "escaping planet earth" that grade-schoolers love. There were also a few of those well placed jokes targeted at getting a chuckle from parents while going completely over kids' heads.

All in all, I'd say this is a great movie to catch with kids 4-9 year olds. There's a sweet message about family and why we need our siblings. Brothers and sisters might come out of this one feeling a little more grateful to have each other. In the end, you'll root for the aliens and laugh about it while you do.

*Side note, we didn't watch this film in 3D and I think it was just fine without it, so SAVE the extra dough unless you absolutely must watch it in 3D.

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