Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Fur-Babies - Guest Post by Brenda Medina

Homes with pets are uniquely their own. You could have a huge dog standing guard on the front lawn or a kitty cat that hides out in corners; some folks have bunnies or birds and some venture into the world of the exotic with lizards and snakes. Whatever pet you call your own, we understand that pets are a huge part of any family! Today one woman shares this adorable piece about what it's like to share her life with Fur-Babies, yes Fur-babies!

When you think of households with pets most people think of the norm: family dog that lives out back. It takes up the yard and is feed and cared for. But, then you have me. My pet-ownership is "over the top”! Not only do our three dogs eat and live inside our home, but they are considered our babies (Rocco the oldest, Moo Moo the middle child and Einstein the newest addition). They are a complete part of our entire family.          

            Our bed at times is a safe haven for all. And boy does it get crowded! It’s not only my boyfriend and I competing for a spot. On any given day, the bed is shared with my doggies, our beautiful 18-year-old daughter (from his previous relationship) and our wonderful 12- year-old godson/nephew. At dinner, our pups all get a spot around the dinner table. Rocco sits on my lap and waits to be feed! He simply taps Chris' (my boyfriend) arm and smiles. Yes, he smiles. Chris taught him how to smile for food! Then Moo Moo and Einstein sit by our feet and get their food too. 

When it comes to our annual summer trip to Yosemite, the doggies are not only included, but also get brand-spanking-new outfits for the occasion  Seeing Rocco jump into the water just to be near me tells you how much he needs to be near his human-momma. He is practically my shadow. Where ever I am, there is Rocco right behind me. When my boyfriend takes them out for their nightly walk Rocco returns not only scratching at the door to warn me he's back but also immediately finds me and claims his territory right next me. Moo Moo on the other hand is so in love with my boyfriend that every night she backs herself into him. Einstein on the other hand sleeps where she wants and does not require too much attention. Like kids, my fur-babies are all different and special.

             So yes, my pups are a BIG part of our lives. So much so that a few weeks ago someone tried to snatch Rocco from me while I was out walking him and I was so scared. Before I knew what I was doing I was pulling Rocco right back into my arms! The man was furious and slapped me across the face. I would do anything for my babies! And I would never allow someone to just walk away with them. They are my babies and I love them.

At the end of the day the new normal for me is a life with my doggies as part of our family. They are loyal and always there when I need them. Regardless what people think or say they are my babies (fur-babies, if you will) and a complete part of the family. In the future, I'm sure I'll be known as the " neighborhood dog lady" and I'm okay with that!
Brenda Medina shares her story with an open heart!
She considers her pups her babies and makes no apologies for that.
Her commitment to caring and loving her three dogs reminds us just how amazing pets can be. 

What kind of pets do you have? Share your pet adventures with us!

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