Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Do you keep all your kids artwork?

The other day I came home from work and looked through a pile of work my 2nd grade daughter had done at school. After I looked at a drawing of a school bus and a tree made with gum drops and marshmallows, I tossed them in the trash. My husband looked at me and said "Don't you keep anything!?"

I have made it a habit to look at everything my daughter does at school but only keep the big projects or things that show her progress and personality (like an about me questionnaire). If I kept everything I would need an entire room dedicated to her art work. I don't have a refrigerator big enough to display it all!

So I reached out and found a few fun things to do with all that art work.

This is how my sister deals with the art work in her house. (She has twins in 1st grade! She must have been drowning in crayon drawings!) A simple string on the wall with clothespins or even paper clips allows each kid to hang their work and lets my sister rotate often.

Clipboards are an easy and cheap way to display and rotate work. Just hang a few on a wall and every time a new one goes up, and old one comes down.

If you are looking for a little more stylish look DynamicFrames sells these great frames. They look beautiful on the wall and open easily to change the art work. It is also deep enough to hold 50 sheets.

You can get rid of  pass on the joy of your child's art work by mailing it out. They can send that beautiful picture of the clown to their favorite Aunt. They can exchange pictures with cousins or with out of town/state relatives.

Scanners have come a long way. Now you don't have to have a big bulky scanner attached to your computer. Computer tech-savvy parents can scan each piece of art work and save them in a file. This way everything is digitally saved and you won't feel as guilty when you throw away the original.

If you can't bear the thought of throwing anything your child creates away, you can try to organize and keep everything. A trip to your local office supply store should do the trick. A big binder and some sheet protectors can help. If you have the space you can keep a binder for each school year.

Tell us what do you do with all that art work?

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  1. I love the ideas! I've done the clothesline and clips thing and I have framed some of their pieces to display in the playroom ( which the love btw). The amount of work sent home plus crafts done at home is insane =) I also keep a cute bin in our office/playroom that is basically a drop box for the things I want to keep but don't have time to get to (which is ALL the But it really has helped b/c it gave me a place to put things so I don't feel overwhelmed, cluttered or disorganized but I don't feel the pressure of having to do something with it right away.


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