Monday, February 11, 2013

100 Days Project

It is that time of the year when kids in grade school are celebrating 100 days of school. Many classrooms have each student bring in 100 of something. This means that parents all over the country are scrambling trying to put together 100 of anything.

There are lots of different things your child can take to school. We have seen everything from legos to buttons to feathers. Over the last few years I have tried to get a little creative with this project. 

For kindergarten we went with "100 people who love me". This one was a little time consuming but I love the way it came out. First I saved and cropped pictures of 100 people who love my daughter. Then I used a photo editing program to make 6x6 collages to make sure the photos were all  the same size. Then we cut and pasted and I added names. We added some 100's and heart decorations. This project is still hanging in my daughters' playroom.

For 1st grade we went geographical. We made a poster board of 100 places she had been. The most time consuming was googling images and saving them. I made the 6x6 colleges and cut and pasted. We cut up a map to decorate with hearts.

It took us a while to come up with the theme for this year's 100 project. Since 100 days falls on Valentine's Day we decided to go with "100 Ways to Show Love". One night at dinner the whole family sat down and talked. We listed all the ways we show each other love. We couldn't quite come up with all 100 so we turned to Facebook (thanks to all those who responded). Once we got a list of 100, I used a photo editing program ( to use a heart template and print each one on it. Then, on to printing and cuting. We used some crafty glue dots to glue them to foam boards. Not a lot of room for decoration this time, but still very cute results!

We want to hear about your 100 days projects and ideas! Leave us a comment!


  1. I LOVE the 100 people who love me idea! I might have to copy that one when my little one goes to school. :)

    1. Thank you Ara! My kid still loves to look at it!


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